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Wise Plugin Manager is a useful application for managing the extensions installed on your browser and allows you to deactivate or remove them from your system. The Wise Plugin Manager is compatible with four major and popular Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, and helps you keep the plugins you like and remove those that you do not want. Each web browser has a special and separate framework that contains all the protected data; the Wise Plugin Manager allows you to enable or disable any of these features and performance with one click, and even temporarily deactivate items that you do not need. In addition, you can categorize these items and rank them (reviewed, accepted, rejected, …) and share your opinion with others. Composing these shared comments is the starting point for deciding whether to leave (to be left or removed).

One of the great benefits of the Wise Plugin Manager is the power of search for plugins and toolbars that are not visible in normal mode and are not displayed. It also lets you build and run a default browser from within your original GUI, which in some cases might not work well. This efficient application has also come to a different dream: it removes the system from plug-ins, toolbar, and unwanted details that other software has installed without your permission in your browser. (soft98)

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Publisher web sitewww.wisecleaner.com
CategoryUtilities & Operating Systems
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Operating SystemsWindows
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