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Trust Port Internet Security

Software Description

TrustPort Internet Security is a security pack that provides comprehensive protection against harmful software and online threats, and by detecting many viruses and spyware in all parts of the system, it prevents hackers from infiltrating the system and performing a reliable scan. All files received from the Internet and even emails prevent any malicious software from infiltrating the system.

TrustPort Internet Security capabilities:

  • It is possible to create a personal firewall to prevent access to the Internet
  • Possibility to create a range of custom settings by personal firewall
  • Ability to scan all posts received from any selected client
  • Ability to create personal profiles and limit access for individuals
  • Ability to update automatically and automatically
  • Very little use of CPU and other system hardware
  • Full support for all types of email management software such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Windows Mail
  • Protecting local files and opened files to prevent malicious files and malware from running
  • It has two quality scan engines for identifying code and malicious programs
  • Web Protection feature to scan downloaded files from the Internet and block malicious sites
  • Web Protection feature to scan downloaded files from the Internet and block malicious sites
  • Has Mail Protection feature to scan malicious files and spam emails
  • It has Data Encryption feature to securely store important information and encrypt files
  • Data Shreder has the ability to delete irreversible files
  • Parental Control or parental controls to restrict people’s access to specific programs and sites
  • Capable of Web Filter to create restrictions on the Internet
  • Has an extremely powerful and powerful Antivirus and Anti Spyware
  • It has a very high speed and precision in scanning and detecting malicious files (soft98)
General Specifications
Publisher trust port
Publisher web site www.trustport.com
Category Security Software
Subcategory Antivirus Software
Operating Systems
Operating Systems Windows
Additional Requirements

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