Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable

Sublime Text

Software Description

Sublime Text is a powerful software for editing advanced texts for code, HTML and prose. With Sublime Text you can do 10 changes at a time. Text editing, multi-colored layout, with multiple sentences, featured brackets, ability to save changes, select editing commands, multiple selections, search and replace regular expressions, etc., are features of the Sublime Text software. Continue reading “Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable”

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Full Convert Enterprise 19.03.1537 + Portable

Full Convert Enterprise

Software Description

Full Convert Enterprise is a useful software for converting programming language programming languages together with Unicode support. Full Convert is the perfect and easy way to convert your database. Whether you need to simply copy your information or have advanced customization needs, you have selected the right software. Continue reading “Full Convert Enterprise 19.03.1537 + Portable”

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Exportizer Pro

Exportizer Pro

Software Description

Exportizer is an application for extracting data from databases. The Exportizer program allows you to import information into databases or to put data in a file, or copy or print from the clipboard. The Exportizer software is compatible with the BDE and ADO databases and Interbase / Firebird, and can support DB, DBF, MDB, ACCDB, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, GDB, IB, FDB, HTML, UDL, DBC, TXT, CSV, etc. It comes with text, CSV, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, DBF, SQL script, and so on. For example, you can use popular and popular data bases like dbf to txt, and txt to xls, and dbf to csv, and txt to dbf, also Access to HTML, and Excel to Access, and Interbase to MySQL and to many other formats. It is also possible to import general or selected database files or tables from a folder. Continue reading “Exportizer Pro”

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Advanced Find and Replace 8.1

Advanced Find and Replace

Software Description

Advanced Find and Replace software that helps you search all folders, subfolders and hidden files based on the criteria and information that you give it, although it is very low! You can go to multiple simultaneous searches! You can search for two types of information in a file, for example, you are looking for a text that is also a help word, so you can easily search the word World! It works very fast and has a far easier look than Windows Search! Continue reading “Advanced Find and Replace 8.1”

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Corel Website Creator 2017 v15.50.0000.5554

Corel Website Creator

Software Description

Corel Website Creator is a unique application that supports XHTML, CSS, javascript and XML and allows you to easily design web pages. You can place text, images, graphic objects and multimedia objects anywhere on the web page you created using drag & drop, and using the Timeline editor Get involved in the program to create and manage visual effects to create an incredibly professional web site. The program provides ready-made samples of web pages, Java files, various styles, ready-made templates, and so on, which can make your task very easy. This software supports the latest web designing technologies and tools such as RSS feeds, CSS, XHTML, PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and JSP. Continue reading “Corel Website Creator 2017 v15.50.0000.5554”

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FeedDemon 4.5 Final

FeedDemon 4.5 Final

Software Description

FeedDemon 4.5 Final will allow you in just a few minutes to access the information of hundreds of your favorite sites and easily read them. Using this software, you do not need to visit one-of-a-kind websites, with just a few clicks to the titer and some of the latest articles published on them! FeedDemon is a software application that uses RSS and Atom standards and with XML support to retrieve new information from web sites and easily and expeditiously extracts and displays them! Undoubtedly, this software is the most widely used among users who use low-speed Internet lines and is really a lot for most Iranians and other countries. You can list the addresses of your favorite websites that support the above protocols in separate groups of the topic and access all of their new information at the same time as entering the Internet. Continue reading “FeedDemon 4.5 Final”

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Oxygen XML Editor 21.0 Enterprise Win/Mac

Oxygen XML Editor 21.0

Software Description

Oxygen XML Editor is an XML editor, XSLT / XQuery debugger, and a full-featured Unicode profile. With Oxygen XML Editor you can edit HTML, txt, xml and … files. Oxygen XML Editor software will show you when you are the owner of a site and want to edit your own error files. This software can corrupt XML, XSL, XQUERY, FO, XSD, RNG, RNC, DTD, Schematron, WSDL, and show you folders so you can better edit them. Continue reading “Oxygen XML Editor 21.0 Enterprise Win/Mac”

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Blumentals WeBuilder + Portable

Blumentals WeBuilder

Software Description

Blumentals WeBuilder is an advanced and all-in-one tool for editing the code that Web pages work with. The highly customizable appearance and quick start-up of features that help you edit HTML, CSS javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI, and Perl. The highly customizable Blumentals WeBuilder software can be much faster and more convenient than other software. Also, Blumentals WeBuilder software also has the ability to analyze the type of programming errors as well as types of performance systems in your programming. Another interesting point of this software is the user-friendly text editor that makes programming easier. Professional HTLM editing with automated code generation, project management and FTP / SFTP publishing, checking for HTML code and text files, support for UTF-8 Unicod, organizing HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, ASP.Net, C # .Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL, the use of ready-made templates for websites is the functionality of this software.

Continue reading “Blumentals WeBuilder + Portable”

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Blumentals HTMLPad + Portable

Blumentals HTMLPad

Software Description

Blumentals HTMLPad is a powerful software for site design. Blumentals Rapid HTMLPad is a complete editor for HTML, javascript, CSS and XHTML languages. According to software developers, thousands of professional web designers in 50 countries use this software to code their web pages. The reason for this claim is that the program organizes the code very regularly and provides the code designer with the most convenient way for the designer, given the various features. Continue reading “Blumentals HTMLPad + Portable”

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