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Roxio Secure Burn 4.2.22

Software Description Roxio Secure Burn is an easy-to-use software for protecting your data on CD, DVD and USB burning. Simple and much lighter software than

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SymMover 1.5.1510

Software Description Suppose you want to install 10 GB of software on one of the more drives on Windows, but this drive only has 5

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Nuke Media Center

Software Description You are probably familiar with standard Windows Media Center color schemes which are blue by default and know that by default this software

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USB Manager 2.05

Software Description These days there are fewer people who do not recognize or use portable memory such as flash memory. This type of memory has

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EasyBCD + Portable

Software Description As you know in pre-Vista versions of Microsoft’s Windows series, you could easily make custom changes to the boot menu by editing the

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Win Toolkit + DISM 1.0.6

Software Description Access to Windows professional settings and optimize and personalize it requires adequate knowledge and detailed information about Windows management as well as the

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