Abelssoft AntiLogger 2019.3.0

Abelssoft AntiLogger

Software Description

Abelssoft AntiLogger is a security software that detects spyware that is hidden in your windows. AntiLogger software detects and destroys malware that captures your keyboard and screen activity. Abelssoft AntiLogger security software is running in the foreground of Windows and detects and introduces you to suspicious programs running on Windows. AntiLogger helps prevent suspicious programs from being stopped or permanently blocked. Continue reading “Abelssoft AntiLogger 2019.3.0”

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0

Amazon Cloud Drive

Software Description

It does not seem like any company likes to stay behind. Two giants of the virtual world, Google, Microsoft, have provided their storage services. Amazon has also released its desktop client for Windows and Mac operating systems to make it easier for users to access their cloud storage service, the Amazon Cloud Drive. Continue reading “Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0”

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FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15.01.20121130

FarStone VirtualDrive Network

Software Description

FarStone VirtualDrive Network is used to build a compact virtual drive from your CDs and DVDs. With its simple interface, you can create up to 1000 virtual drives and share them on a network. VirtualDrive Network is suitable for virtual drive sharing and management tasks for educational organizations, libraries, government agencies and business sectors. Continue reading “FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15.01.20121130”

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LAN Speed Test 3.3.0

LAN Speed Test

Software Description

LAN Speed ​​Test is a low-volume, useful utility that is used to test and evaluate LANs. This software evaluates LAN, WAN, hard disk and USB speeds. This software evaluates network speed by generating a file in memory and sending it in two directions (sending and receiving). Continue reading “LAN Speed Test 3.3.0”

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Telnet Scripts Runner 1.4

Telnet Scripts Runner

Software Description

Telnet Scripts Runner is a software designed to remotely run multiple scripts or router settings, switches, and other devices that support remote management. This program is able to automate common methods, repair and maintain equipment, software and other applications that can be done using Telnet. Continue reading “Telnet Scripts Runner 1.4”

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HiddenDIR 1.0


Software Description

HiddenDIR is a handy and portable software designed to hide your personal files in a public network that you can use when using a networked computer where all your work is done under the responsibility of the network’s responsible person. Hide your downloaded or used files. The interface of this software is very simple and you can learn all the parts in about 1-2 minutes. Continue reading “HiddenDIR 1.0”

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PassMark WirelessMon 4.0.0 Build 1007

PassMark WirelessMon

Software Description

PassMark WirelessMon is a powerful tool for controlling and managing wireless network cards. With this software, you can search the speed of lines and communications close and far and find out which lines work around you. This software can record information in a file as well as complete graphing of the signal strength and 802.11 WiFi data. Display information such as the speed and power of the connected address, display the name of the wireless line providers, display the number of antennas in your vicinity, display the bytes sent and received by your wireless network, displaying IP data, etc., are from the features of this software. Continue reading “PassMark WirelessMon 4.0.0 Build 1007”

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Speed Dial 2.5.3

Speed Dial

Software Description

Speed Dial is a plugin that helps you easily manage your thumbnail pages in your Google Chrome browser and specify “drag and drop” ordering them. You can also “bookmarks” View and manage “and newly viewed pages”. Continue reading “Speed Dial 2.5.3”

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Flash Saver 6.5 Gold

Flash Saver Gold

Software Description

Flash Saver Gold is a convenient and efficient software that easily allows you to download Flash SWF files from web pages, the ability to download all Flash webpages from web pages including flash websites, Flash games, Flash MTVs, Flash movies , Flash ads and any flash file in SWF format. With just one simple click from your browser, you can download all flash files. Continue reading “Flash Saver 6.5 Gold”

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Hillstone VoiceCom 1.9

Hillstone VoiceCom

Software Description

Hillstone VoiceCom is a handy and low-cost utility for audio communication between computers under a network. With this program you can connect with 6 computers in a LAN network audio communication. The program can be used in companies, agencies, offices, cafes and even bedrooms, kitchens and so on. Users can start talking by pressing and holding a key with the button corresponding to the VoiceCom terminal of the desired distance. This software automatically detects the terminals and displays the names of the terminals you want from the presence and addition of others to the network. Continue reading “Hillstone VoiceCom 1.9”

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