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DSL Speed 7.0

Software Description DSL Speed is an application that is used to speed up the speed of high-speed Internet or connections such as SDSL, IDSL, G.lite,

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AV WebCam Morpher 2.0.44

Software Description AV Webcam Morpher is the most advanced web camera chat tool in cyberspace. Simply equip your computer with Webcam Morpher, you don’t even

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Abelssoft AntiLogger 2019.3.0

Software Description Abelssoft AntiLogger is a security software that detects spyware that is hidden in your windows. AntiLogger software detects and destroys malware that captures

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0

Software Description It does not seem like any company likes to stay behind. Two giants of the virtual world, Google, Microsoft, have provided their storage

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LAN Speed Test 3.3.0

Software Description LAN Speed ​​Test is a low-volume, useful utility that is used to test and evaluate LANs. This software evaluates LAN, WAN, hard disk

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Telnet Scripts Runner 1.4

Software Description Telnet Scripts Runner is a software designed to remotely run multiple scripts or router settings, switches, and other devices that support remote management.

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HiddenDIR 1.0

Software Description HiddenDIR is a handy and portable software designed to hide your personal files in a public network that you can use when using

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Speed Dial 2.5.3

Software Description Speed Dial is a plugin that helps you easily manage your thumbnail pages in your Google Chrome browser and specify “drag and drop”

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