Everything + Portable


Software Description

Everything is a software application that can handle all your hard disks in less than a second and find the file you want in a few seconds! This software uses a new method to search your files and is able to reduce the index in as short a time as possible. It should be noted that this program can only search the NTFS drive. A feature that separates this program from applications like Locate32 or FileSeeker supports the program from a network that can be activated and you remotely search and download files on the server. Continue reading “Everything + Portable”

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Macrorit Partition Expert All Editions 5.3.9 + Portable

Macrorit Partition Expert All Editions

Software Description

Macrorit Partition Expert is an application-oriented Windows-based computer and server partition management system that has a high speed and performance with a higher security rating compared to other similar applications on the market. Some of the Macrorit Disk Partition Expert software features can be created, deleted, partition format, full uninstall space, partition or entire disk, increase partition space, resize and partition, partition testing, and checking Hard disk, partition copy, OS transfer to another hard drive, and so on. Continue reading “Macrorit Partition Expert All Editions 5.3.9 + Portable”

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Uniform Server 8.9.2

Uniform Server 8.9.2

Software Description

Uniform Server 8.9.2 is a WAMP package that can run a web server under all types of Windows operating systems. There is very little volume to download and transfer and can be used as a product or live server. Programmers can also use this tool to test their built-in applications in their own languages ​​in PHP, Perl, MySQL and Apache.

As you know, you are not normally able to run PHP files on your computer, and therefore you are not able to test or use WordPress, Joomla, or other content management systems or scripts on your computer without the need for Internet. To solve this problem, you need an application to turn your computer into a localhost. Localhost in the word means the local and local host, the most famous and most known of these programs is the freeware EasyPHP, XAMPP, which I personally worked for a long time with these software. But the disadvantage of all of these software is that you only have the ability to use it on a computer only. But if you’re dealing with computers like me (computer-desktop-personal-lips) during the day, you’ll want to use your localhost on all systems. Continue reading “Uniform Server 8.9.2”

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Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Software Description

One of the most basic needs of most organizations today is the creation of two or more meetings and conferences. Linking this issue as best as possible will meet this need. Conferencing with audio or video, along with the features that Lync offers simultaneously with the conference, has made it a complete and unrivaled solution. Attendees of the conference can wait in a lobby and enter the conference by conference moderator. The conference manager can also exclude people who are not required to attend the conference or invite people to the conference. Continue reading “Microsoft Lync Server 2013”

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Maxprog FTP Disk 1.4.4

Maxprog FTP Disk

Software Description

Software provided to upload files and manage FTP servers. With this software you can transfer any type of file to your server with maximum speed. This software has many features and addresses all the requirements for uploading and managing files on FTP servers. The functionality of this software include the ability to preview images and text files, drag and drop files into the program, create files and folders, download and upload files at the highest speed, determine the amount of files access, have simple environment, easy transfer of files and folders, and many other features. Continue reading “Maxprog FTP Disk 1.4.4”

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FileZilla 3.42.1 + Server + Portable

FileZilla 3.41.2

Software Description

FileZilla is software for managing FTP and uploading and downloading files from it. This software allows you to upload your files easily by connecting to FTP. The unique feature of this software is the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously at high speed. FileZilla is also a free software and you can use it indefinitely. Its design is designed to be easy to use, while having high functionality and maximum speed and reliability. Continue reading “FileZilla 3.42.1 + Server + Portable”

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ExpanDrive 6.4.5 Win/Mac

ExpanDrive 6.4.5

Software Description

ExpanDrive has a functional application to use the SFTP client for Windows, which provides access to your SSH server just like a USB hard drive attached to the computer. You can scroll through files within My Computer and directly store and edit them in all existing programs, such as Word or Excel. Continue reading “ExpanDrive 6.4.5 Win/Mac”

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Update 1

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

Software Description

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 x64 is one of the Microsoft Server production projects that allows you to send, receive and manage email, contacts, calendars, and can use tools such as Microsoft Office Live Communications Server for instant messaging, The vast majority of Exchange Server applications have the ability to launch the Public Folder to share emails received and sent by users. Continue reading “Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Update 1”

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VanDyke SecureCRT / SecureFX 8.5.3 Build 1867 Win/Mac

VanDyke SecureCRT

Software Description

VanDyke SecureCRT is a Windows Terminal Simulator software, using this highly professional tool, network and server administrators will be able to provide an extremely secure terminal for shell access to servers and hardware types that use protocols SSH1 and SSH2, and they can be logged in and out of the secure connection to the server by using super-high security levels. It also provides remote access and file transfer and secure connection for users in any organization with high security levels. The SecureCRT software provides a variety of solutions for business, network management, information security and development tasks. Continue reading “VanDyke SecureCRT / SecureFX 8.5.3 Build 1867 Win/Mac”

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