Ace Utilities 6.4.0 Build 295 + Portable

Ace Utilities

Software Description

After installing an operating system, maintenance is very important. This maintenance will make your system work better and need to replace the operating system later. There are many factors contributing to the loss of your operating system and performance. Factors like junk files, registry problems, duplicate files, system histories, incorrect deletion of empty files and folders are involved in destroying your operating system and lowering your system performance. The program we are going to introduce to you will help you to optimize your system with just a few clicks without the slightest of expertise. Ace Utilities will be your system optimizer. Continue reading “Ace Utilities 6.4.0 Build 295 + Portable”

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Macrorit Disk Scanner All Editions 4.3.5 + Portable

Macrorit Disk Scanner

Software Description

Macrorit disk scanners scan your smart security software and can work overtime on hard drive. Quick Scan Macrorit Disk Scanner shows you the bad power of sectors on your hard drive. “Badmasters” has a franchise of experts who have more personalized hurdles to see. Badgers are personal authorized units of information on the hard drive that are valid through another security service. If Hardy makes a bad statement, you can get some information if you want to know. The malware manager at your disposal will lose important hard drive information or faulty partitions. Continue reading “Macrorit Disk Scanner All Editions 4.3.5 + Portable”

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EasyBCD + Portable


Software Description

As you know in pre-Vista versions of Microsoft’s Windows series, you could easily make custom changes to the boot menu by editing the Boot.ini file. But it was removed from Windows Vista and made these changes more difficult than before. If you want to make changes to your system boot menu, you can now get EasyBCD software from Softcnet. The software lets you do things like rename Windows in the boot menu, delete custom options from the menu, repair Windows bootloader, and make bootable flash and more. It’s worth noting that the software also has the ability to modify the boot menu of different operating systems such as Mac and Linux. Continue reading “EasyBCD + Portable”

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Sandboxie 5.30 + Portable


Software Description

Sandboxie is one of the most popular and powerful security software for protecting web browsers or running software in a suspicious and unreliable environment. The sandbox is said to be a way to prevent a malicious program or malicious script from infiltrating the entire system by using a protection layer, or if we want suspicious activity in an isolated environment. For example, we may suspect that Keygen is suspected by operating in a Sandboxie environment with high confidence, we can prevent malicious changes in the system. Also, in connection with connecting to many sites if it is made by the Sandboxie security patch, malicious changes in the system, It is limited to the same environment as our sandbox. Continue reading “Sandboxie 5.30 + Portable”

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Glary Malware Hunter Pro + Portable

Glary Malware Hunter Pro

Software description

Glary Malware Hunter is a software application for searching and deleting dangerous files in your Windows system and protects your system from viruses and other threats. Hear scan makes faster scans faster. Glary Malware Hunter detects malicious files on your windows and erases harmful content. Malware Hunter provides a complete software against threats, protects your data and your privacy, and ensures that your Windows is free of viruses. Continue reading “Glary Malware Hunter Pro + Portable”

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WinPatrol PLUS 35.5.2017.8 + Portable

WinPatrol PLUS

Software Description

WinPatrol PLUS is a powerful application for protecting the system. WinPatrol is like guarding if you keep track of where the viruses and Trojans can work in those parts and notify you as soon as you change it in Startup or add a file. If you have not installed that program or file and added to this section, you can easily disable or delete it, so you can prevent worms, adware keyloggers, spyware, cookies, Trojan entries from being logged in. Continue reading “WinPatrol PLUS 35.5.2017.8 + Portable”

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SpyHunter + Portable


Software Description:

SpyHunter is one of the powerful anti-spyware programs that can detect and remove spyware on your system. High speed scanning and great performance to detect and remove spyware from SpyHunter software capabilities. Prevent spyware from connecting to the Internet, prevent spyware from writing any information on the computer, blocking Internet bugs, dangerous cookies, banners and any suspicious internet referrals, preventing spyware from being installed on the computer, Compatible with all Windows and … features of this software. SpyHunter looks for spyware / adware on your device and removes it. If you are dissatisfied with bothering to open web pages or slow down your system while on the Internet, SpyHunter is the best program in the field.

Continue reading “SpyHunter + Portable”

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TeamDrive 4.6.7 Build 2230 + Portable


Software Description

TeamDrive is a software application designed to transfer information and communicate between two or more computers, both online or offline. This software is easy to install and does not require complicated settings. You should have access to the cloud service so you can save the information you want. Then, you need to create and share space, invite another user and start your exchanges. The files you upload in this cloud will automatically be transferred to the user you are inviting. Continue reading “TeamDrive 4.6.7 Build 2230 + Portable”

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PopChar.8.4 Build 2932 Win/Mac + Portable


Software Description

If you are tired of searching and remembering the location of special characters on the desktop, you can use the PopChar Win software to simplify the typing of characters in each document and with any desired font. PopChar is a user-friendly interface and a very nice map of different characters that are very simple to use and can quickly access any of the forms you need. PopChar Typing is possible with unusual characters without having to memorize them on the keyboard. It does not matter which program you are typing in, just press the P key on the keyboard to show you the overwhelming character of the character.
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