Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable

Sublime Text

Software Description

Sublime Text is a powerful software for editing advanced texts for code, HTML and prose. With Sublime Text you can do 10 changes at a time. Text editing, multi-colored layout, with multiple sentences, featured brackets, ability to save changes, select editing commands, multiple selections, search and replace regular expressions, etc., are features of the Sublime Text software. Continue reading “Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable”

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Uniform Server 8.9.2

Uniform Server 8.9.2

Software Description

Uniform Server 8.9.2 is a WAMP package that can run a web server under all types of Windows operating systems. There is very little volume to download and transfer and can be used as a product or live server. Programmers can also use this tool to test their built-in applications in their own languages ​​in PHP, Perl, MySQL and Apache.

As you know, you are not normally able to run PHP files on your computer, and therefore you are not able to test or use WordPress, Joomla, or other content management systems or scripts on your computer without the need for Internet. To solve this problem, you need an application to turn your computer into a localhost. Localhost in the word means the local and local host, the most famous and most known of these programs is the freeware EasyPHP, XAMPP, which I personally worked for a long time with these software. But the disadvantage of all of these software is that you only have the ability to use it on a computer only. But if you’re dealing with computers like me (computer-desktop-personal-lips) during the day, you’ll want to use your localhost on all systems. Continue reading “Uniform Server 8.9.2”

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Blumentals WeBuilder + Portable

Blumentals WeBuilder

Software Description

Blumentals WeBuilder is an advanced and all-in-one tool for editing the code that Web pages work with. The highly customizable appearance and quick start-up of features that help you edit HTML, CSS javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI, and Perl. The highly customizable Blumentals WeBuilder software can be much faster and more convenient than other software. Also, Blumentals WeBuilder software also has the ability to analyze the type of programming errors as well as types of performance systems in your programming. Another interesting point of this software is the user-friendly text editor that makes programming easier. Professional HTLM editing with automated code generation, project management and FTP / SFTP publishing, checking for HTML code and text files, support for UTF-8 Unicod, organizing HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, ASP.Net, C # .Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL, the use of ready-made templates for websites is the functionality of this software.

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