NIUBI Partition Editor Technician 7.2.6

NIUBI Partition Editor Technician

Software Description

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional software for hard disk space partitioning and management of all types of laptops and desktops with features such as deleting or creating new partitions, resizing partitions without losing data, securely partitioning and formatting. Recoverable, rename and label partitions instantly, merge and merge partitions, integrate and delete data splits, hide partitions, etc. Get all the changes you need in a wizard environment, and Applies. Continue reading “NIUBI Partition Editor Technician 7.2.6”

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Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional Win/Mac

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional

Software Description

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery is a utility for recovering deleted data that utilizes the latest scans of your hard drive to find deleted files and provide them for recovery, Tenorshare Any Data software Recovery supports system files FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS +, HFS and deletes deleted files from various sources such as external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards including SD card, Micro SD card, card Recovers SDHC, XD cards, CF cards, mobile phones, digital cameras and more.  Continue reading “Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional Win/Mac”

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Roxio Secure Burn 4.2.22

Roxio Secure Burn

Software Description

Roxio Secure Burn is an easy-to-use software for protecting your data on CD, DVD and USB burning. Simple and much lighter software than Roxio Creator, which can easily handle simple burn tasks. Easy Drag & Drop also allows you to easily import files and burn them; read ISO format and can burn images while being able to copy discs Provide backup as an image. This simple but complete and useful tool, like other common software, will provide users with the features typically included in such software types. Continue reading “Roxio Secure Burn 4.2.22”

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Ace Utilities 6.4.0 Build 295 + Portable

Ace Utilities

Software Description

After installing an operating system, maintenance is very important. This maintenance will make your system work better and need to replace the operating system later. There are many factors contributing to the loss of your operating system and performance. Factors like junk files, registry problems, duplicate files, system histories, incorrect deletion of empty files and folders are involved in destroying your operating system and lowering your system performance. The program we are going to introduce to you will help you to optimize your system with just a few clicks without the slightest of expertise. Ace Utilities will be your system optimizer. Continue reading “Ace Utilities 6.4.0 Build 295 + Portable”

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Macrorit Disk Scanner All Editions 4.3.5 + Portable

Macrorit Disk Scanner

Software Description

Macrorit disk scanners scan your smart security software and can work overtime on hard drive. Quick Scan Macrorit Disk Scanner shows you the bad power of sectors on your hard drive. “Badmasters” has a franchise of experts who have more personalized hurdles to see. Badgers are personal authorized units of information on the hard drive that are valid through another security service. If Hardy makes a bad statement, you can get some information if you want to know. The malware manager at your disposal will lose important hard drive information or faulty partitions. Continue reading “Macrorit Disk Scanner All Editions 4.3.5 + Portable”

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Abelssoft AntiLogger 2019.3.0

Abelssoft AntiLogger

Software Description

Abelssoft AntiLogger is a security software that detects spyware that is hidden in your windows. AntiLogger software detects and destroys malware that captures your keyboard and screen activity. Abelssoft AntiLogger security software is running in the foreground of Windows and detects and introduces you to suspicious programs running on Windows. AntiLogger helps prevent suspicious programs from being stopped or permanently blocked. Continue reading “Abelssoft AntiLogger 2019.3.0”

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Sandboxie 5.30 + Portable


Software Description

Sandboxie is one of the most popular and powerful security software for protecting web browsers or running software in a suspicious and unreliable environment. The sandbox is said to be a way to prevent a malicious program or malicious script from infiltrating the entire system by using a protection layer, or if we want suspicious activity in an isolated environment. For example, we may suspect that Keygen is suspected by operating in a Sandboxie environment with high confidence, we can prevent malicious changes in the system. Also, in connection with connecting to many sites if it is made by the Sandboxie security patch, malicious changes in the system, It is limited to the same environment as our sandbox. Continue reading “Sandboxie 5.30 + Portable”

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ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

Software Description

ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall is one of the oldest Windows protection software, which, due to the introduction of similar security software to the software market, ZoneAlarm has not lost its place yet, and it is the best choice. ZoneAlarm gradually turns into one of the most powerful security software by adding various features like anti-virus, anti-spam and more! By installing ZoneAlarm, you can surf the Internet safely, this program will take all your Internet activities under control, if the hacker intends to infiltrate your system. ZoneAlarm informs you and the IP hacker will also You indicate that ZoneAlarm notifies you if a malicious program has been unwittingly located on your system and wants to secretly exchange information. Continue reading “ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall”

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USB Virus Scan 2.44 Build 0712

USB Virus Scan

Software Description

Many viruses and trojans infect the computer through USB storage devices. When an infected USB drive is connected to the computer, malware spreads through it throughout the system. Most virus scanner programs can do a lot of work with these new viruses. USB Virus Scan is a program to secure the use of USB drives. This program will allow you to control the USB ports, but will protect your system against malicious programs that attempt to damage your system through USB storage devices. Continue reading “USB Virus Scan 2.44 Build 0712”

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Autorun Virus Remover 3.3 Build 0712 + Portable

Autorun Virus Remover

Software Description

Autorun Virus Remover is an application that allows you to easily uninstall the autorun in flash memory and then copy the healthy files in it to your computer. This software is able to erase the autorun in addition to destroying flash memory viruses by scanning your computer’s drives. You can also update the software via the Internet to get familiar with the new version of the autorun virus with the help of its original server, and if you see it in flash memory, it will prevent its infiltration into the system. Other features of this software include examining running processes that can be infected, as well as repairing some of the original Windows files and programs. Continue reading “Autorun Virus Remover 3.3 Build 0712 + Portable”

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