Firewall App Blocker 1.6

Firewall App Blocker

Software Description

Many computer software for serial testing and activation codes are connected to the server of the site to check the authenticity of the program serial and because most Iranian users use fake or crack serial programs it is likely that the program is connected to the Internet. And after a while the message appears to be inactive. To do this, you can prevent program updates and check licenses by putting the program name on the Windows firewall. Firewall App Blocker is a compact, free, no-need-install tool that allows users to easily install their software into the Windows Firewall with just a few clicks. Continue reading “Firewall App Blocker 1.6”

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Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3.2211.0

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Software Description

The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a Microsoft-based security analytics firmware that Microsoft has provided to assess the security status of the system without evaluating security updates and less secure security settings in Windows. These security settings include Windows component settings such as Internet Explorer, Internet Information Services (IIS) on Web servers, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. Security update status is performed by the latest version using the Windows Update Agent that is available from Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 on Windows-based computers. Less secure settings, often referred to as “vulnerability assessment”
Based on a collection of hard-coded checks of files. Continue reading “Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3.2211.0”

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Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.3 Build 4934.708.2079 Final

Outpost Security Suite Pro

Software Description

Outpost Security Suite Pro is a collection of powerful software security software for Agnitum Ltd that provides security software and hardware and prevents malicious software and spyware and viruses from entering. This program is a powerful anti-virus firewall that works similar to other antiviruses, but it’s the first in terms of power. With the help of this software, the user can easily control the system to deal with various security problems and establish a comprehensive security on its system. This software consists of several critical components, each of which alone can provide system security. Continue reading “Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.3 Build 4934.708.2079 Final”

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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control 8.2.2

Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control

Software Description

The name of a complete security suite developed by Symantec’s largest company, known as Norton Anti-Virus Software and the Norton 360 Security Package. This security suite consists of several tools for maintaining security and maintaining system stability. Tools such as antivirus program, spyware destroying, security tools and network protection, etc. This powerful software, with the collection of all the tools needed to protect the system, gives users the ability to make the right security. Continue reading “Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control 8.2.2”

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Zeus Trojan Remover + portable

Zeus Trojan Remover

Software Description

Zeus Trojan Remover is the name of a software that is able to specifically identify and keep up-to-date Trojans that come into the Internet with a comprehensive, up-to-date database, preventing their activity and information theft. Some Trojans enter the file system as a computer, and most antiviruses fail to detect and delete such files. But the Zeus Trojan Remover antivirus software can easily detect, delete, or prevent these files from being downloaded to ensure your security. Continue reading “Zeus Trojan Remover + portable”

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Outpost Firewall Pro 9.3 Build 4934.708.2079 Final

Outpost Firewall Pro

Software Description

Outpost Firewall Pro is one of the most important issues with the development of the World Wide Web, which is why many companies are trying to solve this problem by producing a variety of security software. The first possible way is to Provides security to prevent system penetration through inbound passages or Internet connection paths, which is possible by using software called a firewall in front of the passageway. Continue reading “Outpost Firewall Pro 9.3 Build 4934.708.2079 Final”

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Security Administrator 14.0

Security Administrator

Software Description

It is possible to protect your computer and restrict Internet access with Security Administrator software. Security Administrator is a complete security software for protecting passwords and determining the types of access for computer users so you can restrict them from changing and accessing information. You can restrict access for any person to the admin panel, display contents, network, passwords, printers, system settings, and Internet settings. You can also apply settings such as Disable Keys, Menu Option, DOS Window, Registry Editor, Internet Explorer, and Network Access. Hiding desktop icons, LANs, USB drives, or anything in your taskbar is one of the most important tools of this software. Continue reading “Security Administrator 14.0”

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PC Tools Internet Security 2012

PC Tools Internet Security

Software Description

PC Tools Internet Security is one of the most complete security software ever released. Powerful antivirus that can detect the latest computer viruses and eliminate them all in the blink of an eye is the most important feature this powerful security package sees. Firewall, Anti Spam, Powerful Spyware Software constitutes the other three major parts of this security software; each of these tools is capable of providing complete security software separately. Very easy to use software and at the same time high speed in scanning and running is one of the most important uses of this security package and in general all software security. Downloading a few kilobytes of data will allow all users to easily access PC Tools Internet Security. These updates make sense when this security package uses a powerful database, which is exactly the case with PC Tools Internet Security. This security package includes Spyware Doctor, one of the most powerful spyware programs, and it is interesting to know that this software has been downloaded 110 million times. This stunning statistic is only for Spyware Doctor and certainly PC Tools Internet Security’s security package can provide far more complete security. Continue reading “PC Tools Internet Security 2012”

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