Autorun Pro Enterprise II + Enterprise

Autorun Pro Enterprise

Software Description

AutoRun Pro Enterprise is a well-known design software for building fast Autorun for CDs and presentations. It offers a simple design environment that allows anyone to embed a combination of text, images, video and audio into a single CD and DVD. The best feature of AutoRun Pro Enterprise software is that it is designed for ordinary users, people who do not want to spend time learning how to use sophisticated design tools or using a designer for their work. This software allows you to do design and editing work similar to creating slides in PowerPoint software. All you have to do is click, move the mouse, and place in the desired area and view the preview to get the desired results. Continue reading “Autorun Pro Enterprise II + Enterprise”

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All My Movies 8.1 Build 1432

All My Movies

Software Description

All My Movies has a very attractive user interface and is very easy to use to make movies based on DVDs, CDs, or more, and then create other categories in them. By entering the name of a movie, it can be identified with all the features associated with it, such as a director or genre, when it was easier to search for. The interesting thing about this tool is that by inserting a DVD movie or even scanning movies on the hard disk, it automatically creates and categorizes them into the program. One of the most important features of this tool is its database creation. Continue reading “All My Movies 8.1 Build 1432”

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Swift To-Do List 11.003 + Portable

Swift To-Do List

Software Description

The Swift To-Do List is a functional application for managing daily and personal tasks that you can use to keep track of all day-to-day affairs and manage them accurately. This software can have personal or administrative use and is able to receive your information manually or as Excel and HTML files and save them in a completely graphical environment and at your appointed time, from events Notify the relevant party. You can also print out the work recorded in the software. Continue reading “Swift To-Do List 11.003 + Portable”

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Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable

Sublime Text

Software Description

Sublime Text is a powerful software for editing advanced texts for code, HTML and prose. With Sublime Text you can do 10 changes at a time. Text editing, multi-colored layout, with multiple sentences, featured brackets, ability to save changes, select editing commands, multiple selections, search and replace regular expressions, etc., are features of the Sublime Text software. Continue reading “Sublime Text Win/Mac + Portable”

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Okdo Document Converter Professional 5.6

Okdo Document Converter Professional

Software Description

Okdo Document Converter is software for conversion of many documents, text, pdf. This program does the conversion with high quality and high speed. How to design this program is that it does not require other software such as Adobe Acrobat to run different parts. Extract texts in PDF files, convert PowerPoint files to Word and Excel, the ability to convert each page of Word and Rtf files to a separate file, the ability to merge Excel pages, automatically adjust the size of Excel pages, use the Flash 6 format For compressing videos, converting Txt text files into multi-page ppt / tif files is a feature of this software. Continue reading “Okdo Document Converter Professional 5.6”

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AVS Document Converter + Portable

AVS Document Converter

Software Description

AVS Document Converter is a great application for converting various text and document formats into one another. AVS Document Converter software supports all formats of PDF, HTML, HTM, MHT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX, TXT, TIFF, TIF. The functionality of this software can be grouped files, the ability to create passwords for protecting PDF files, the ability to display files, zoom and print documents, support for most languages ​​and compatibility with different versions of Windows. Continue reading “AVS Document Converter + Portable”

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Exportizer Pro

Exportizer Pro

Software Description

Exportizer is an application for extracting data from databases. The Exportizer program allows you to import information into databases or to put data in a file, or copy or print from the clipboard. The Exportizer software is compatible with the BDE and ADO databases and Interbase / Firebird, and can support DB, DBF, MDB, ACCDB, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, GDB, IB, FDB, HTML, UDL, DBC, TXT, CSV, etc. It comes with text, CSV, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, DBF, SQL script, and so on. For example, you can use popular and popular data bases like dbf to txt, and txt to xls, and dbf to csv, and txt to dbf, also Access to HTML, and Excel to Access, and Interbase to MySQL and to many other formats. It is also possible to import general or selected database files or tables from a folder. Continue reading “Exportizer Pro”

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DzSoft PHP Editor

DzSoft PHP Editor

Software Description

DzSoft PHP Editor is a very useful tool for writing and testing PHP and HTML pages. It also has a simple yet advanced user interface. Beginner and professional programmers (experienced) can easily create PHP and HTML pages with DzSoft PHP Editor and test and troubleshoot it without the need for a server or web server. This PHP editor has many features and capabilities. Editing, Fixing and Analyzing Codes and Publishing Files are the features that can be mentioned in this software. Continue reading “DzSoft PHP Editor”

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CSE HTML Validator Professional 12.0 Retail

CSE HTML Validator

Software Description

After designing the web template or blog, it is necessary to check the tags, codes, syntax errors and broken links before the site is published on the Internet and at a stage called Validator, and make sure that the site is valid. The CSE HTML Validator Pro helps you identify and eliminate potential Web site issues that may be causing the loss of visitors to save site costs and save time and money. Many people who want to pursue their work professionally use this software to determine the reputation of specialized websites and webmasters. Unlike other validation programs, CSE HTML Validator provides you with powerful and powerful features, and you can completely customize the settings for checking HTML, XHTML, CSS, links, spelling mistakes, javascript, PHP syntax, checking SEO and access. The engine validation code of this software is very smart and flexible, which can simplify your work. Continue reading “CSE HTML Validator Professional 12.0 Retail”

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