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TrueCrypt 7.2 + VeraCrypt 1.23

Software Description TrueCrypt is a free, free software application that creates an encrypted virtual drive on a hard drive or removable drive that files in

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SymMover 1.5.1510

Software Description Suppose you want to install 10 GB of software on one of the more drives on Windows, but this drive only has 5

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PC Security Tweaker 10.0

Software Description PC Security Tweaker is the name of the software by which you will be able to disconnect others from your system. In this

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Everstrike USB Security

Software Description Everstrike USB Security is a useful software for protecting various small memory devices such as USB drive, USB mass storage device, flash disk,

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AntiRun 2.7 Pro Final

Software Description AntiRun is a small security software that protects your system from autorun-based viruses. The risk of virus running through Autorun when connecting devices

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Ariolic Active SMART

Software Description Ariolic Active SMART is software that shows you what your drive is in. Typically, hard drives are unconsciously unconscious. What will be your

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0

Software Description It does not seem like any company likes to stay behind. Two giants of the virtual world, Google, Microsoft, have provided their storage

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