Nvidia Cuda Toolkit 10.1.105_418.96

Nvidia Cuda Toolkit

Software Description

The Nvidia Cuda Toolkit is officially released by Nvidia for use by developers and programmers working with C ++ and C looking for the CUDA software development environment. With the Nvidia Cuda Toolkit, you can freely create GPU-based software projects. It should be noted that CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model developed by NVIDIA. This feature dramatically increases the computing performance of GPUs. The CUDA-equipped GPUs have hundreds of cores that can handle and process thousands of computing units collectively. Continue reading “Nvidia Cuda Toolkit 10.1.105_418.96”

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CSE HTML Validator Professional 12.0 Retail

CSE HTML Validator

Software Description

After designing the web template or blog, it is necessary to check the tags, codes, syntax errors and broken links before the site is published on the Internet and at a stage called Validator, and make sure that the site is valid. The CSE HTML Validator Pro helps you identify and eliminate potential Web site issues that may be causing the loss of visitors to save site costs and save time and money. Many people who want to pursue their work professionally use this software to determine the reputation of specialized websites and webmasters. Unlike other validation programs, CSE HTML Validator provides you with powerful and powerful features, and you can completely customize the settings for checking HTML, XHTML, CSS, links, spelling mistakes, javascript, PHP syntax, checking SEO and access. The engine validation code of this software is very smart and flexible, which can simplify your work. Continue reading “CSE HTML Validator Professional 12.0 Retail”

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Longtion Application Builder Enterprise

Longtion Application Builder Enterprise

Software Description

Longtion Application Builder is a powerful application for designing and developing database and web applications without writing any code. This software makes it easy for users to use the program with their integrated development environment (programming environment) and drag and drop objects. Creating an application database, connecting to a database server, connecting directly to a database file, creating database tables, etc.
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TemplateToaster Professional

TemplateToaster Professional

Software Description

TemplateToaster is a powerful and powerful application in designing and creating themes and awesome and professional templates for WordPress. Although this software is commonly used in WordPress, the software can be used for Joomla, Drupal, HTML, CSS website, and other content management systems (CMS). Unlike other web design software, TemplateToaster is designed for novices. Continue reading “TemplateToaster Professional”

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Oxygen XML Editor 21.0 Enterprise Win/Mac

Oxygen XML Editor 21.0

Software Description

Oxygen XML Editor is an XML editor, XSLT / XQuery debugger, and a full-featured Unicode profile. With Oxygen XML Editor you can edit HTML, txt, xml and … files. Oxygen XML Editor software will show you when you are the owner of a site and want to edit your own error files. This software can corrupt XML, XSL, XQUERY, FO, XSD, RNG, RNC, DTD, Schematron, WSDL, and show you folders so you can better edit them. Continue reading “Oxygen XML Editor 21.0 Enterprise Win/Mac”

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Blumentals HTMLPad + Portable

Blumentals HTMLPad

Software Description

Blumentals HTMLPad is a powerful software for site design. Blumentals Rapid HTMLPad is a complete editor for HTML, javascript, CSS and XHTML languages. According to software developers, thousands of professional web designers in 50 countries use this software to code their web pages. The reason for this claim is that the program organizes the code very regularly and provides the code designer with the most convenient way for the designer, given the various features. Continue reading “Blumentals HTMLPad + Portable”

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.3.4 + Extensions Pack + Portable

WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.3.3

Software Description

The WYSIWYG Web Builder is the name of software designed by Pablo Software, which enables you to easily design your own business without having to have the knowledge of web site designing. In this software, users will be able to use the ready-made templates in the software library, each adapt to different topics, to design their own website. This software has over 100 templates ready for website design. Continue reading “WYSIWYG Web Builder 14.3.4 + Extensions Pack + Portable”

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Axure RP All Edition Win/Mac

Axure RP Pro

Software Description

Axure RP is a special software for web site prototyping and applications. This software is based on the well-known concepts of Visio and Web Design Tools, and in fact delicate blend of both. Axure RP is a proprietary Web prototype with which you can create interactive, descriptive, and browser-based environments, and do all the work you do in a prototype, and the performance of each object (eg, buttons) Define by adding margins and links. Continue reading “Axure RP All Edition Win/Mac”

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