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AdwCleaner 7.3.0

Software Description AdwCleaner is a free, useful and free software to search and remove adware and adware from internet browsers that helps users detect and

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Ultra adware killer

Software description Ultra Adware Killer is a handy and free software tool for searching and removing adware and annoying toolbars from web browsers that helps

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AntiBrowserSpy Pro 2019.259

Software Description Most browsers today send their users information to their creators. Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and so forth are some of the best-known browsers

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Speed Dial 2.5.3

Software Description Speed Dial is a plugin that helps you easily manage your thumbnail pages in your Google Chrome browser and specify “drag and drop”

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Hekasoft Backup Restore 0.81

Software Description Most users store a lot of information on their browsers when browsing and working with the Internet. From bookmarking popular sites to storing

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Epic Browser 71.0.3578.98 Win/Mac

Software Description The epic browser is a Chrome-based web browser. The browser includes 1,500 sidebar software. It has automatic Antivirus scans. Allows you to scan your system manually.

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SlimJet + Portable

Software Description SlimJet is a flexible and powerful web browser powered by the Blink engine. Slimet is a browser based on the Google Chrome browser

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Torch Browser + Portable

Software Description Torch Browser is a Chrome-based browser with advanced features designed for users who essentially use the Internet to find and download multimedia files,

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