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AKVIS Charcoal 3.1.389.17418

Software Description AKVIS Charcoal is an artistic software for converting your images into charcoal and gypsum paintings. Charcoal is one of the most popular tools

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AKVIS SmartMask 10.7.2432.17480

Software Description AKVIS SmartMask is a useful software for selecting part of the photo to isolate and delete it. Separating some of the areas that

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AKVIS Retoucher 9.5.1286.17468

Software Description AKVIS Retoucher is a software utility that can automatically restore and retouch your old photos and restore the image in the same state

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AKVIS Pastel 4.1.475.17427

Software Description AKVIS Pastel is a software that turns your photos into pencil. This program converts the image into a digital art work to imitate

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AKVIS Neon 3.1.458.17426

Software Description AKVIS Neon is a graphic application that lets you create effects with brilliant lines. This software converts the photo into a neon image

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AKVIS Magnifier 9.6.1265.17433

Software Description AKVIS Magnifier is a powerful photo resizing software that will allow users to easily change their desired photos without losing their quality. Using

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AKVIS Draw 7.1.575.17438

Software Description AKVIS Draw lets you create hand-drawn pencils and linear artwork from your digital photos. This software is extremely easy to use, which produces

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AKVIS ArtWork 11.1.1987.17417

Software Description AKVIS ArtWork creates a real painting outside of the original image. With the default software settings you can create a very close-fitting picture.

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