Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate July 2018 x86

Windows 7 Ultimate

Software Description

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is the name of the seventh edition of Microsoft’s most popular operating system, Windows. After the release of Windows Vista and a lot of the Windows-based version, Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 7 to address all the bugs in Windows Vista. Continue reading “Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate July 2018 x86”

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iFunBox 3.0


Software Description

One of the problems with jailbroken devices is that you can not install a new app on the device with iTunes, which is because all apps not installed by iTunes are erased. But the iFunBox software lets you download even an iTunes free app and then install the installation file on your iDevice without harming your other programs. Continue reading “iFunBox 3.0”

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iTools Win


Software Description

iTools is a functional application for managing iOS devices. To date, there are also other iTunes apps to manage iOS devices, each with its own features. For example iFun Box, iPhone PC Suite and so on. It’s very easy to work with iTools, which has a very user-friendly interface, and it’s designed to be very similar to Apple’s iTunes. Continue reading “iTools Win”

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Acoustica Premium Edition v6.0 Build 19

Acoustica Premium Edition

Software Description

Maybe many of you are interested in editing music and editing audio files. Only professional editors will follow professionally, in addition to personal interest, and, of course, in the use of computers, always choose the best software for their help. The most powerful of these software applications in this area is the Acoustica Premium. Continue reading “Acoustica Premium Edition v6.0 Build 19”

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