AV Audio Converter 7.2.6

AV Audio Converter

Software Description

AV Audio Converter is an ultra-functional software that converts all popular formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, MP2, AC3 into MP3s with superb quality. With the help of this software, you can not only convert audio files, but also be able to extract high quality audio files. It is also easy to convert to a batch file, which can be Convert multiple files in batch.
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ADVANCED Codecs 11.2.6 for Windows 7/8/10


Software Description

ADVANCED Codecs is a complete set of codecs for executing Windows 7/8/10 video and audio files, which provides the best possible performance on both of these windows, by installing this software on their Windows codecs to players. The content is added to and synchronized with your system, allowing you to run any audio and video file through the players you have installed. Continue reading “ADVANCED Codecs 11.2.6 for Windows 7/8/10”

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AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder

AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder

Software Description

AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder is an application designed to record audio in Windows environment, and can be used to record music from Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius Radio, Yahoo Music, SoundCloud and so on. Made This software records audio in various formats MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC. Continue reading “AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder”

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019 Premium/Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2019

Software Description

MAGIX Movie Edit is a complete movie editing software that can satisfy most of the needs of professional users. The software is very powerful and compatible with a variety of digital cameras that are capable of creating the most variety of movie types possible. A software application that incorporates audio and video features and effects, each one of which can be a standalone application. Users who care about the quality of sound output and Dolby can be trusted to MAGIX Movie Edit software.
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MAGIX Video Pro X10 v16.0.2.317

MAGIX Video Pro X10

Software Description

MAGIX Video is one of the best video editing software. The MAGIX Video software is specifically designed for demanding tasks for ambitious and professional users. The software has several different awards, it has a wide range of modern and powerful tools for editing video and improving the quality of the details of the sound. Optimized work environment and high performance has created a unique software for you. Dedicated technologies, innovative features and high power are the special features of MAGIX Video for professional audio and video editing.
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STANDARD Codecs 7.6.6 for Windows 7/8/10


Software Description

STANDARD Codecs is an audio and video codec package for use on Windows. By installing this codec in Windows 8, files with the extensions of amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, apa, flac, flv, mkv, rmvb, xvid, etc. are easily executed by Windows 8 Player. By adding files such as MKV to Windows 8 Player, this program provides instant access to these files by right-clicking. Continue reading “STANDARD Codecs 7.6.6 for Windows 7/8/10”

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Snooper Pro 3.2.1 + Portable

Snooper Pro 3.2.1

Software Description

Snooper is a professional audio recording software with numerous settings and fully professional features. Voice recording in this application is activated with the volume and level of sound detected. In Voice Recording mode, all sounds collected are stored in a single file. Snooper can split and save files during a voice recording, based on the size or time specified by the user. The ability to record for long periods of time is another feature of Snooper. Continue reading “Snooper Pro 3.2.1 + Portable”

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.8.5 + Portable

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Software Description

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a compact, yet powerful video player for almost all video and audio formats. This software is based on Media Player Classic and one of the best multimedia codecs, and you can run many audio and video formats without the need to install external codecs. This software features a variety of features such as DVD player, the ability to work with a second monitor, compatible with the latest generation of the world’s graphics cards, the ability to decode popular H.264 formats, support for a variety of subtitles, multi-language support, simple user interface and Beautiful and … You can also use this software as a DVB player.

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KMPlayer Win/Mac + Portable

KMPlayer Win/Mac

Software Description

KMPlayer is a low-volume, high-performance file that can play most formats. As we all know, there are a lot of software in this area. JetAudio, Windows Media Player, WinDVD, PowerDVD are the most famous ones. But the most important problem with these software is that they are both fairly heavy and can not play many formats. Available software called KMPlayer, which is both compact and able to play almost 99 audio and video formats. The software is very simple but at the same time very easy to operate. Anyone who ever experiences KMPlayer will surely be the first to always be the same software.

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