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Software Description

MetaProducts Inquiry Pro makes it extremely easy for you to research the internet. This software helps you collect, organize and view information over the Internet. The Inquiry is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and is a standalone application. With the help of this software you can save various web files such as web pages, text and image and …. You can turn your documentation into other formats and share it with friends and colleagues. Save pages you are viewing, or photos and text with just one click. This software downloads pages faster than the IE save feature. The Inquiry has a complete complexity for Internet researchers and, at the same time, is simple enough for novice users. This product is suitable for researchers, students, writers, legislators, and anyone who needs the Internet and searches for it.

MetaProducts Inquiry Pro software capabilities:

  • Save all types of web page, image, flash file and …
  • Save pages with just one click
  • Take advantage of the drag and drop feature or right-click to save pages
  • Utilize the Auto Save button to save automatically
  • Keeping the information collected in compressed files and … (soft98)
General Specifications
Publisher web
SubcategoryAdd-ons & Plugins
Operating Systems
Operating SystemsWindows
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