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Maxthon browser has the ability to support both the Trident and the WebKit engine. It is also designed for Android and mobile phones. Maxstone Web site was one of the winners of the 100th Sinta Reward Award in 2008 and 2009, and in 2011 Maxston ranked 97th on the list of the best products of the year, announced by PCWorld. According to CEO Max Moon Jing Jeff Chen, Maxon was originally designed by Changyou, a Chinese programmer who was planning to build an application to customize the Internet Explorer browser.

Changyou changed his operating system bulletin board before leaving the project in 2000. Changi passed a new approach to the development of this program, and in 2002 the new version, MyIE2, was released. MyIE2 has grown rapidly, with new users around the world using plugins and skin, and with the successive debugging of Maxstone in 2003, has largely changed. In 1999, Chen established the Maison Limited Global Center in Hong Kong, but later changed the location of the Hong Kong Gong Center to Beijing. One of the first investors of this company was Skype. Maxthon is one of the top 12 Microsoft premieres in 2010, a website that offers Microsoft Windows users in the European Economic Area a better browser for their use than the Internet, according to their needs.

Maxthon browser features:

  • Tabbed Browsing feature
  • Control by moving the mouse
    (You can apply different commands by pressing the mouse and moving the mouse in different directions)
  • Drag & Drop feature
  • Remove internet advertising
  • RSS reader
  • Supports Internet Explorer plug-ins
  • Supports different skins And …

Maxthon capabilities:

    Tabbed Browsing Interface Simultaneous browsing of multiple web pages in one window:

Maxthon uses a powerful table for browsing the Internet. With this interface, you can open multiple sites in a single window without having to bump up the Windows task bar. Thus, the browsing mode is easier because the information about the amount of space loaded The site is at the top of the table.

    Mouse Gestures Mouse Gestures:

Give your browser a command by mouse! By activating the mouse-specific motion behavior, you can order a browser by hitting a mouse key and moving it on one side. Movements represent another revolutionary mouse in the Internet browsing industry. Some people say that it’s like doing Kung Fu With the mouse.

    Super Drag & Drop Special Draw & Drop:

Maxthon has created a new revolution in speeding the browsing of web pages, so you just have to drag and drop a link to open it in a new table, you can move the link to anywhere on the page as well as select a text. And go to anywhere on the web by looking for your default search engine on the Internet.

    Privacy Protection Protecting Your Personal Information:

You can erase with a few past clicks; cookies and pages that are recorded by the program; clear passwords and .. You can also set them up by closing the Maxthon to get the effect of your actions Instead of leaving

Interests Bar:

Maxnet adds a favorite bar to your application environment, where you can access the links folder in your Favorites folder or any folder you want to access.

    AD Hunter Annoying Advertiser Hunter:

Floating pages of floating pages Advertising images of advertising flasks …. All are all annoying things, but they are comfortable with the propaganda hunter. This program can block all advertisements (even inside the site) and make you free from them.

    Support Google Bar Full support for the Google Toolbar:

Can you install Google Toolbar on a browser other than Internet Explorer Explorer? The answer is good, but for Maxnet, the answer is yes, because Maxthon fully supports the Google Toolbar. With the Macstone external bar, you can run a program with a few simple clicks on your system, and you can even configure them to start and run with Maxstone and also close to the Mac.

    Moving Skins Movable Shells:

Maxthon uses flap layouts to make it look prettier. Icons also change with shells. The designers of this browser have put more than 300 shells on this site and allow users to choose their own shell layout. gives.

    Bleach key words found by the search bar:

Using this capability, after completing the search, all words related to the word searched on websites are colored and help the user to get to their own answer and… (soft98)

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