Clean Disk Security 8.09 + Portable

Clean Disk Security

Software Description

Clean Disk Security is a software that finds files that have been erased and not overwrite by searching the hard drive and deletes them permanently from your hard drive by zeroing all the parts that the file has occupied. Clean Disk Security software also deletes redundant files, including temp files, from your computer. It shows you a file viewer that reads directly from the hard drive and shows you all the information on the hard drive even hidden files. Continue reading “Clean Disk Security 8.09 + Portable”

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Magic Uneraser 4.1 + Portable

Magic Uneraser

Software Description

Magic Uneraser can recover any file, including documents, photos, music, zip from hard disk, flash memory, SD cards and digital cameras and supports FAT and NTFS partitions. Working with Magic Uneraser is easy and you don’t need a lot of information. Just run the software, the hard drive searches the flash memory, the SD cards and displays the recoverable files for you to choose to restore, all steps will be performed without any missteps and step by step. Continue reading “Magic Uneraser 4.1 + Portable”

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Magic Partition Recovery 2.8 + Portable

Magic Partition Recovery

Software Description

Magic Partition Recovery Software that helps you recover deleted partitions or deleted data from your drivers in FAT or NTFS format and repair and optimize damaged or damaged hard disk or partitions. Magic Partition Recovery does not require much data, the simple software environment and the step-by-step software provided by you will help you to recover quickly and easily. The software scans your hard drive in two quick and complete ways and shows you the files that can be recovered to choose from for recovery. The software supports more than 200 file formats for recovery, including the ability to restore files that you have permanently deleted. Continue reading “Magic Partition Recovery 2.8 + Portable”

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NIUBI Partition Editor Technician 7.2.6

NIUBI Partition Editor Technician

Software Description

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional software for hard disk space partitioning and management of all types of laptops and desktops with features such as deleting or creating new partitions, resizing partitions without losing data, securely partitioning and formatting. Recoverable, rename and label partitions instantly, merge and merge partitions, integrate and delete data splits, hide partitions, etc. Get all the changes you need in a wizard environment, and Applies. Continue reading “NIUBI Partition Editor Technician 7.2.6”

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WinAIO Maker Professional 1.3

WinAIO Maker Professional

Software Description

As we all know, Windows comes in a variety of versions. Versions such as 32-bit or 64-bit, home, final, etc. each have their own capabilities. Most of us, when installing Windows, place a copy inside the device and proceed with the installation. WinAIO Maker Professional is a free, compact utility that you can use to assemble various versions of Windows 7 or 8 into an ISO file, and by installing Windows, a list of different versions of Windows 7 or 8 is opened and Select the version you want. This way with a Windows disk, you will get several versions of Windows 8.  Continue reading “WinAIO Maker Professional 1.3”

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Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional Win/Mac

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional

Software Description

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery is a utility for recovering deleted data that utilizes the latest scans of your hard drive to find deleted files and provide them for recovery, Tenorshare Any Data software Recovery supports system files FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS +, HFS and deletes deleted files from various sources such as external hard drives, USB flash drive, memory cards including SD card, Micro SD card, card Recovers SDHC, XD cards, CF cards, mobile phones, digital cameras and more.  Continue reading “Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Professional Win/Mac”

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Roxio Secure Burn 4.2.22

Roxio Secure Burn

Software Description

Roxio Secure Burn is an easy-to-use software for protecting your data on CD, DVD and USB burning. Simple and much lighter software than Roxio Creator, which can easily handle simple burn tasks. Easy Drag & Drop also allows you to easily import files and burn them; read ISO format and can burn images while being able to copy discs Provide backup as an image. This simple but complete and useful tool, like other common software, will provide users with the features typically included in such software types. Continue reading “Roxio Secure Burn 4.2.22”

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