Smith Micro Moho Pro Win/Mac

Smith Micro Moho Pro

Software Description

Moho is a powerful software for making high quality animation. With the help of Moho software, other features and features for creating flash images, images related to mobile formats and PDAs, small game design for these devices can be created. Moho software adds beautiful effects and sound to the animations as well as combines two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations. Simulated physics, 3D object design, a library of images in the app to help beginner users, voice recorders and more are new features of this software. This software uploads and publishes animations made on YouTube and Facebook. Continue reading “Smith Micro Moho Pro Win/Mac”

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Rainlendar Pro 2.14.2 Build 157


Software Description

Rainlendar is a software to remind you about everyday tasks in your Windows. Rainlendar software that comes with a very easy-to-use calendar comes with a user-friendly interface that occupies the least desktop space and accompanies you to remind you of your daily activities. The Rainlendar software displays a list of daily tasks such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, games, medical appointments, holidays, and even television and alerts you ahead of time. The software also includes an online calendar to share or access events or tasks on other computers. Continue reading “Rainlendar Pro 2.14.2 Build 157”

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Leader Task

Software Description

LeaderTask is a useful software with a calendar to manage daily and business affairs for a modern person. The software environment is divided into 3 sections: calendars, tasks and notes. The software has a smart system for managing your projects, tasks, calls and more. It has the ability to sync with Outlook, Google Calendar and it can be carried in USB storage anywhere or on the go, and manage your daily activities. Continue reading “LeaderTask”

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Koingo Alarm Clock Pro 10.2.8 Win/Mac + Portable

Koingo Alarm Clock Pro

Software Description

Koingo Alarm Clock is the name of a professional software alarm clock with high features that allows users to use Alarm Clock in addition to the main feature of the software which is Alarm Announcement at designated times. Also use this software. These unique features include the ability to send text messages to mobile phones at specified times, play audio and video files at specified times, repeat, fade and stop. Playing audio and video files (this feature can be used to listen to music before bedtime to stop playing audio after a while), open program or text documents at set time, manage Set alarm times including alarm playback time, number of repetitions per day or week and predetermined dates Nod snooze and … pointed out. This powerful software is a product of Josh Hague & Koingo Software. Continue reading “Koingo Alarm Clock Pro 10.2.8 Win/Mac + Portable”

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Full Screen Caller ID Pro 14.4.1

Full Screen Caller ID

Software Description

Full Screen Caller ID is a powerful software that lets you display the full screen of a caller’s photo on your Android phone. The software allows you to personalize notifications about incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, emails and missed calls. The ability to read the names of callers, customize display buttons, customize the color and size of the display text, take advantage of camera images and use your friends’ profile photos on Facebook are features of this application. Continue reading “Full Screen Caller ID Pro 14.4.1”

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Time And Chaos

Time And Chaos

Software Description

Time And Chaos is one of the best time management and call management software. You can easily organize your tasks and appointments in the environment of this software and have complete management of your time and time. This software is one of the best CRM software management software for Windows users. If you have a network, this software lets you share information with people who are connected to the network without the need for expensive servers. Time & Chaos users will be able to create a list of people with whom they are associated (for example, in a telephone book) with appointments, so that the calendar in the program exactly lists the tasks that must be done at a specific time. Give them a show. In addition, users connected to a network can use this software and easily without having to use the server to easily share their information with others. Continue reading “Time And Chaos”

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