EMCO Remote Screenshot

EMCO Remote Screenshot

Software Description

EMCO Remote Screenshot is an intuitive tool for secretly viewing the activities carried out on remote network PC screens. With this program, you can capture from a remote computer on a network and save them easily on your computer. This function can also be set automatically so that it does this for you at different times. Continue reading “EMCO Remote Screenshot”

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Stardock Multiplicity 3.44

Stardock Multiplicity

Software Description

Stardock Multiplicity is a handy software that lets you control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse. The Stardock Multiplicity software will be very useful for professional users, engineers, graphic designers, gamers, or anyone who works with multiple computers at the same time. This software will allow you to copy your files and folders between computers. Continue reading “Stardock Multiplicity 3.44”

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FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15.01.20121130

FarStone VirtualDrive Network

Software Description

FarStone VirtualDrive Network is used to build a compact virtual drive from your CDs and DVDs. With its simple interface, you can create up to 1000 virtual drives and share them on a network. VirtualDrive Network is suitable for virtual drive sharing and management tasks for educational organizations, libraries, government agencies and business sectors. Continue reading “FarStone VirtualDrive Network 15.01.20121130”

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LAN Speed Test 3.3.0

LAN Speed Test

Software Description

LAN Speed ​​Test is a low-volume, useful utility that is used to test and evaluate LANs. This software evaluates LAN, WAN, hard disk and USB speeds. This software evaluates network speed by generating a file in memory and sending it in two directions (sending and receiving). Continue reading “LAN Speed Test 3.3.0”

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EMCO Remote Desktop Enterprise

EMCO Remote Desktop

Software Description

EMCO Remote Desktop is a remote control software that allows you to remotely manage any computer. This enables you to manage your computer from a remote location by connecting to your desktop. The optimized data transfer algorithms in this program ensure fast and secure access to your computer. In addition to using remote control features, you can use other features of this software, including: use the information and system performance, chat with users, create screenshots and more. Continue reading “EMCO Remote Desktop Enterprise”

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Bandwidth Meter Pro 5.65

Bandwidth Meter Pro

Software Description

Bandwidth Meter Pro is a small software name used to control the bandwidth of Moore. With the help of this software, users can accurately know their daily use of graphs and reports. With the help of this software, users are informed of all details and are able to manage their accounts. For example, the user can get information about their bandwidth usage only for downloading on a single day or view the amount of information sent and check it. Continue reading “Bandwidth Meter Pro 5.65”

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Telnet Scripts Runner 1.4

Telnet Scripts Runner

Software Description

Telnet Scripts Runner is a software designed to remotely run multiple scripts or router settings, switches, and other devices that support remote management. This program is able to automate common methods, repair and maintain equipment, software and other applications that can be done using Telnet. Continue reading “Telnet Scripts Runner 1.4”

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MyLanViewer Enterprise 4.20.0

MyLanViewer Enterprise

Software Description

MyLanViewer is a powerful software for scanning local network computers and managing shared resources. This software is a LAN scanner for local networks. With MyLanViewer, you can search all computers on the network and see information about each one. Also, with the monitoring feature of this software you can see the computer of the network and all the folders that are shared, and the hardware information of all systems, as well as to view the computer’s IP and at the time of change See the status of computers, warnings. Continue reading “MyLanViewer Enterprise 4.20.0”

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FabulaTech USB over Network

FabulaTech USB over Network

Software Description

With this software you can share an external USB drive or a printer on a network. Devices, scanners, cameras, card readers, barcode scanners, PDAs, USBs, and many other devices do not have the ability to share, for example, you should normally have your USB device from one computer to another. Pass and run. Sometimes it’s not easy, especially when you need a device that is located in another building or another. USB is a standard device used by many modern computers, but this software is designed solely to connect an electronic device to a computer. Now you can use USB over Network to easily share USB and other devices that do not have the ability to share on a network. Continue reading “FabulaTech USB over Network”

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