Namebench 1.3.1 Final


Software Description

When you browse the web by entering URLs, your browser needs to communicate with a DNS server before loading the page. Web servers require you to use a numeric IP address instead of the character address. In the meantime, DNS servers have the function of translating characters to numbers. So, the faster the DNS server is, the faster your browser connects to a web page. Typically, you get DNS servers from an ISP that can connect to you. But you can use other free DNS Servers, including OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. The company’s namebench program does this for you. Continue reading “Namebench 1.3.1 Final”

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TeamDrive 4.6.7 Build 2230 + Portable


Software Description

TeamDrive is a software application designed to transfer information and communicate between two or more computers, both online or offline. This software is easy to install and does not require complicated settings. You should have access to the cloud service so you can save the information you want. Then, you need to create and share space, invite another user and start your exchanges. The files you upload in this cloud will automatically be transferred to the user you are inviting. Continue reading “TeamDrive 4.6.7 Build 2230 + Portable”

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uTorrent Ultra Accelerator Final

uTorrent Ultra Accelerator

Software Description

uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is a powerful application for downloading your favorite music, videos, games, software and … of your favorite high-speed torrent. uTorrent Turbo Accelerator is a very practical and compact tool to speed up downloading of torrents, if you know that this is not just those users who are always browsing the torrent and finding the files you want. The server is unlikely to be downloaded at the highest speed due to its high overclocking and crowded servers, and in some cases it downloads at very low speeds, but the uTorrent Turbo Booster software fixes this problem and you use this soft The software can download torrent files as quickly as possible. Continue reading “uTorrent Ultra Accelerator Final”

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Screen Scraper Enterprise 6.0 x86/x64

Screen Scraper Enterprise

Software Description

Screen Scraper Enterprise is a software tool that provides you with the ability to easily collect information from the Internet, and especially websites. So when you need a lot of information (for example, for scientific research or comparisons of market intelligence) from a specific site, you can access most of the site’s files using Screen Scraper Enterprise and download and archive them on your system. All available for immediate access and comparison. By providing a graphical interface and professional data extraction capabilities from the Internet, this software makes it easy for users to use it. Continue reading “Screen Scraper Enterprise 6.0 x86/x64”

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Mass Downloader 3.9.854

Mass Downloader

Software Description

Mass Downloader allows you to download your files with speed and reliability, and if the internet is discontinued, this software will stop downloading the file, and you can download the software in the download section. Download. It also allows you to download files at a specific time and date to download and stop downloading files of your choice, as well as the software itself with browsers such as: Opera , Firefox, Nets Cape, NetCaptor, Internet Explorer. It can also download files with high speed HTTP, FTP, RSTP protocols.
Continue reading “Mass Downloader 3.9.854”

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0

Amazon Cloud Drive

Software Description

It does not seem like any company likes to stay behind. Two giants of the virtual world, Google, Microsoft, have provided their storage services. Amazon has also released its desktop client for Windows and Mac operating systems to make it easier for users to access their cloud storage service, the Amazon Cloud Drive. Continue reading “Amazon Cloud Drive 1.5.0”

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Xilisoft Online Video Downloader 3.33

Xilisoft Online Video Downloader

Software Description

Xilisoft Online Video Downloader is an easy-to-use software that helps you watch your favorite videos online and download them at the fastest speed. If you are looking for a video on the Internet, Xilisoft Online Video Downloader is the best option for you because it supports a variety of popular sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break, Vimeo, Revver, Blip and more. Also, download videos in HD with 1080p resolution or 720p resolution of the features of this software. Continue reading “Xilisoft Online Video Downloader 3.33”

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