Software Description

One of the most important improvements in Firefox over the past few years has been to reduce the system’s RAM usage by the browser, but it still has a high RAM usage by the browser. The problem with Firefox is that the higher the time of opening or running the browser, the higher the RAM usage, but there is a solution to this problem. Firemin is a tool to optimize and reduce the use of Firefox browser. As you know, Windows is also trying to control the amount of RAM that it uses, but Firemin’s difference with Windows is that Firemin only works on Firefox and easily prevents the browser from consuming excessive RAM. Continue reading “Firemin”

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µTorrent Pro 3.5.5 Build 45271 Win/Mac + Portable

µTorrent Pro

Software Description

The powerful and extremely low-volume download manager of μTorrent, which is a popular BitTorrent client, is a simple yet intuitive tool that allows you to use shared torrents that use the Torrent standard. Get it in trouble. The μTorrent client is efficient and efficient with the capabilities of BitTorrent and the appropriate Windows platform, which leaves a very small footprint. The μTorrent is designed in such a way as to minimize the use of CPUs, space and memory, as well as all the functions expected of these advanced clients. With BitTorrent, you can increase your download speed and participate in file sharing and bandwidth. Continue reading “µTorrent Pro 3.5.5 Build 45271 Win/Mac + Portable”

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NetWorx 6.2.5 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable


Software Description

NEtWorx is a powerful tool that helps you to objectively measure your bandwidth status. You can use it to collect bandwidth data and measure the speed of the Internet or other connections to the Internet. NetWorx can help identify potential network problems and ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits set by your ISP, as well as suspicious network activity that is the main feature of Trojan horses and hacker attacks. This program allows you to control the Internet or all network connections or a specific network (such as Ethernet or PPP). Continue reading “NetWorx 6.2.5 Win/Mac/Linux + Portable”

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LoadScout 3.0 Final

LoadScout 3.0 Final

Software Description

Suppose that looking for a specific file, for example, is a program within a 500 MB compressed file. What is the solution for downloading this file? There is almost no way, and you have to download the entire 500MB file for a 5-megabyte crack inside this compressed file. Here we introduce software that allows you to download only the files you need from within a compressed file. To do this, just enter the URL of the file in the Open Url field and wait for the contents of the compressed file to be displayed, and then download the file you want.
Continue reading “LoadScout 3.0 Final”

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FrostWire 6.7.9 Build 277 Win/Mac/Linux

FrostWire 6.7.9

Software Description

FrostWire is one of the best software available to share files. FrostWire is an ultra-fast P2P open source application that is freeware from the LimeWire application. Unlike LimeWire, which has two free and paid versions, FrostWire is free and full! The download speed in this app is very high and even more than http and ftp.  Continue reading “FrostWire 6.7.9 Build 277 Win/Mac/Linux”

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CuteFTP Pro + Portable

CuteFTP Pro

Software Description

To communicate with and exchange information with FTP, uploading and downloading as fast as possible and securing maximum security in exchanging information, you will always need a powerful software as an FTP Client, which will provide you with all the necessary conditions for you. One of the most powerful and promising pioneers in this field, all familiar with its name, is the powerful Cute FTP Professional software from GlobalSCAPE. This software provides all the powerful management features you need in a simple environment and has various advanced features. Continue reading “CuteFTP Pro + Portable”

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Adobe Muse CC 2018.1.0.266 Win/Mac+ Portable

Adobe Muse CC

Software Description

Adobe Muse CC is a powerful and highly effective web site designer that allows designers to design web pages without coding. The Adobe Muse CC software interface is very similar to Flash Catalyst. The developer has been told that its development environment will not be unfamiliar to InDesign users, it actually has many of Adobe’s previous software features, such as InDesign and Illustrator, and users who have previously used these software applications can more easily than Fresh crop. The Adobe Muse CC user interface is similar to Adobe’s other software, especially Photoshop, and people familiar with this software can quickly use its features to design interactive web sites with a variety of multimedia features. Continue reading “Adobe Muse CC 2018.1.0.266 Win/Mac+ Portable”

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Net Transport 2.96k Build 720

Net Transport

Software Description

Net Transport is a powerful application that executes the ultimate speed in exchanging information from the server or the same server with the user or the same client. A tool that supports almost all protocols using the latest technologies, such as the download section of a file, allows the user to download files from the world at a much faster speed than the ones available in Windows. The virtual download service, like all other popular software, allows users to manage for various users, that is, if a system has multiple users, the software can be accessed to each one completely privately. Continue reading “Net Transport 2.96k Build 720”

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