Blumentals Surfblocker

Blumental Surfblocker

Software Description

Blumentals Surfblocker is a software application that makes it easy for you to restrict internet access at certain times or at your request. By Blumentals Surfblocker you can block Internet connection with the websites you are looking for, or specify which apps and features to access the Internet. For example, you can only access e-mail or websites that are related to work or study and block access to unethical resources or specific websites. Other features of the Blumentals Surfblocker software are the ability to encrypt the Internet connection or set it to turn off automatically after a specified amount of time. Continue reading “Blumentals Surfblocker”

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Movie Collector 19.3.1 Win/Mac

Movie Collector

Software Description

Movie Collector is a professional software for managing and organizing your movies, which includes detailed information about each movie. The Movie Collector program allows you to add videos to a database by name, newly released or most popular ones, categorize videos in different folders, search across the entire database, catalog their DVDs by barcodes, and scan folders for titles. The videos are presented. This program collects information videos from online databases, editing video information such as title, country, language, genre, studio, rankings, actors and actors, version, episode, cover photo, plot, memo Links and links are possible manually. Continue reading “Movie Collector 19.3.1 Win/Mac”

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