MSC Nastran 2019.0 + Documentation

MSC Nastran

Software Description

MSC Nastran is one of the most used analysis tools for elements. This software helped MSC Software join its top ten software companies in 2011. MSC Nastran software is used to analyze elements and finite elements, especially dynamic system analysis. MSC Nastran software does not graphically create a model, but is used by various software as its output base, and graphic forms are extracted from them. The input and output of this software are text file. This software can do good work with Patran software. MSC Nastran software is a command prompt and does not have graphical appearance. It takes the input file and executes it in the command space and outputs it. This software is also used by Catia software. Continue reading “MSC Nastran 2019.0 + Documentation”

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DS SIMULIA Suite 2019 (Abaqus/Isight/Fe-safe/Tosca)


Software Description

DS SIMULIA Suite Extra is a software for finite element analysis. This software is briefly used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries using international services. Enjoy the hugely popular academic curriculum using DS SIMULIA software to make use of permissible restrictions, using a variety of methods and with the ability to customize it by programming. ABAQUS was originally designed on a non-linear physical topic. If you use this software, you can increase your energy use. Continue reading “DS SIMULIA Suite 2019 (Abaqus/Isight/Fe-safe/Tosca)”

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Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Software Description

Bentley MicroStation Software that works similar to AutoCAD software but is more applicable to GPS and GIS maps of global information systems. The highly accurate coordinate system in this software has made it possible for major intelligence and security companies such as Garmin and NCC to use it as the base software in their systems. Continue reading “Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition”

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Autodesk Revit 2020.0.1 + Extras

Autodesk Revit

Software Description

Revit engineering software is an extremely useful tool for civil and architectural engineers, and in general for people who are somehow involved in construction projects, it has precision tools for designing and constructing more efficient structures. Autodesk Revit supports the latest building and modeling methods through Building Information (BIM) as well as information on endurance materials, construction mixing, up-to-date building architectures, and innovative solutions Improvements in the use of materials in construction, energy, etc. will serve as a specialized assistant to engineers. Continue reading “Autodesk Revit 2020.0.1 + Extras”

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Planit Edgecam 2019 R1 SU1

Planit Edgecam

Software Description

Planit Edgecam is one of the most popular computer-aided manufacturing applications and is a pioneer in this field and is the highest level CAM application software. Planit Edgecam is an unrivaled and one of the most popular CAD / CAM software in the world and has grown so fast that it now runs from small car workshops to multinational car manufacturing and aerospace companies in program design and extraction. Continue reading “Planit Edgecam 2019 R1 SU1”

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Proteus Pro 8.9 SP0 Build 27865


Software Description

Proteus is a software application for automated design of electrical circuits. Proteus is a set of circuit simulation systems based on electrical component models in PSpice. A distinctive feature of Proteus is the ability to model programmable devices such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSPs, and more. The program includes models of most of the electronic components for specialized simulations based on the standards of the field. Most advanced circuit routing modes can be designed with this software, thus increasing the simulation capability of micro-controllers. In fact, Proteus is one of the software for simulation and testing of electronic circuits, in this software you can test your circuit as you do and after troubleshooting possible design for that pcb. Continue reading “Proteus Pro 8.9 SP0 Build 27865”

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Plexim Plecs Standalone 4.1.2

Plexim Plecs

Software Description

Plexim Plecs is a very powerful and professional application for simulating electronic systems and highly complex circuits. With this program you can easily assemble all the components of a circuit and combine them together to achieve the ideal design. The program includes all the components and tools needed to design an electronic circuit, and you will be able to assemble and communicate with your desired components in a virtual lab and finally test. Continue reading “Plexim Plecs Standalone 4.1.2”

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