Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2020.0.1

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro

Software Description

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis provides professional building engineers with the tools and tools needed to carry out advanced analysis of large and complex structures. The features of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis software Analysis of building structures can be applied to a mild workflow, full compatibility with Autodesk Revit Structure software, expansion of Building Information Modeling Processes (BIMs), speed of comprehensive analysis Various types of structures and so on.
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AspenTech aspenONE Suite 11.0

AspenTech aspenONE Suite

Software Description

AspenONE software is a powerful and highly advanced tool for designing and simulating process units, power plants and natural oil and gas reservoirs. AspenONE itself also includes various programs and tools that are included as a package in this application. In other words, the software in this package is due to cover most of the processes of oil, gas, petrochemical, electrolytic, pharmaceutical, mineral, food, polymer production units … A wide range of specialist needs in consulting firms, industries, and universities It provides. In addition, the software can be used to design and simulate process units, power plants and natural gas reservoirs, which are a major part of the needs of chemical engineers and mechanical engineers. Continue reading “AspenTech aspenONE Suite 11.0”

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MSC Adams 2019

MSC Adams

Software Description

MSC Adams is one of the most powerful and perhaps most uncompromising software available in the industry and even research centers, MSC-Adams software. MSC Adams, with its many varied and high-end features, helps engineers create, test, review, optimize mechanical systems designs before they reach the physical design. Using the various sections considered in this software, it can be determined by simulating the mechanical system, kinematic testing of the system, measuring the forces imposed on the connections, etc. Determine the lifetime of the piece in the working cycle, and positioning He performed the parts very accurately. It also examines the vibration control of the systems and the ability to conduct tests for the flexible flexible parts of the MSC Adams software. Continue reading “MSC Adams 2019”

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SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP1 Build 4

SolidWorks Electrical

Software Description

The most popular and powerful 3D industrial design for creating geometric references, curves, creating plans by offsetting the page, creating new coordinate systems, spiral curves, sloping surfaces, and mirroring three-dimensional objects, rotating profiles around One axis and … all are all the hallmarks of this software. Continue reading “SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP1 Build 4”

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Ansys Products 19.2 x64 + 15 x86 + Documentation

Ansys Products 19.2

Software Description

Ansys is a powerful and easy-to-use software simulator that empowers designers and engineers to design an authoritative and standard design to implement their ideas on their computer screens. The software utilizes the efficient and easy-to-use database automation system and makes the software very user-friendly, which, according to the software maker, can be so powerful that it will be effective for the next 32 years to solve design problems. Antisys is one of the software analyzes of CAE software (Computer Aided Engineering). Continue reading “Ansys Products 19.2 x64 + 15 x86 + Documentation”

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CST Studio Suite 2018

CST Studio Suite 2018

Software Description

CST Studio Suite is one of the most powerful applications in the field of numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields, and design of a variety of antennas and high frequency circuits, which is the result of several years of research in the field of electromagnetics to build the most powerful and complete software in this field. Continue reading “CST Studio Suite 2018”

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