Google Earth Pro Win/Mac + Portable

Google Earth Pro

Software Description

The Google Earth 3D simulation software was truly the first part of the world’s first 3D software application, so that satellites placed in the Earth’s atmosphere repeatedly updated the images of the software. We recommend the use of high-speed Internet to implement this software. Because of the high quality of this software, Google’s servers require high speed. The software also comes with GeForce and ATI graphics cards. It works well with DirectX graphics accelerators and OpenGL technology for rendering images. Continue reading “Google Earth Pro Win/Mac + Portable”

RedCrab Calculator Plus + Portable

RedCrab Calculator Plus

Software Description

RedCrab Calculator is a very powerful calculator that helps students and engineering professors who deal with heavy mathematical calculations in the process of achieving a great response. This software can be used with fullscreen mode and with the help of the editor window, users will be able to enter and edit in this window of processes such as phrases and mathematical formulas and view the results. Continue reading “RedCrab Calculator Plus + Portable”

NetSupport School Professional 12.00.0023

NetSupport School Professional

Software Description

NetSupport School is a software utility for managing computer training classes. Coaches can use this software to communicate with students on a computer network. Sending a mentor screen for students and student remote control by the trainer are two important program features. With the help of this program, the trainer can limit the implementation of student computer applications. Managing and restricting access to websites in the student’s computer is another feature of the program. Possibility of grouping students in a class and assigning group leader by coach in this program. The instructor can exchange files with his computer at any time without student intervention. The program provides the student with the ability to take and take pictures of students’ computers. Continue reading “NetSupport School Professional 12.00.0023”

Nmap Security Scanner 7.70

Nmap Security Scanner

Software Description

Nmap stands for Network Mapper and is a software  for network searching or network security auditing. This software is designed to scan large networks quickly, although it can work well on single systems. Nmap uses unique ip packets to determine which hosts are available on the network, what services they provide (ports), what operating systems (with the operating system version) on them It is running, what kind of packet filters / firewalls are used and several other parameters. Continue reading “Nmap Security Scanner 7.70”