Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor 3.6.20

Photo Lab

Software Description

An Android app with full features including 640 frames, effects and filters to create fun looking photos. With the professional application of Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor you will easily be able to create interesting assemblies, cute visual symbols, cartoon cartoons, cards and new wallpapers. The Photo Lab app does not create any undesirable or shadow effects in printing new images. Continue reading “Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor 3.6.20”

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AVS Image Converter + Portable

AVS Image Converter

Software Description

AVS Image Converter is one of the software that has been developed to convert image formats. AVS Image Converter is a complete software application that supports various formats and other side-features, which will answer almost all the requirements. Capable of simultaneously converting multiple files simultaneously, GIF as well as non-degrading quality or GIF animations into other formats, including features that are featured in this new tool. Possibility to place the Watermark for images, convert to a PDF document, add beautiful effects to the software, and adjust the quality as well as the size of the frames, except the key features of AVS Image Converter. Continue reading “AVS Image Converter + Portable”

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AKVIS Retoucher 9.5.1286.17468

AKVIS Retoucher

Software Description

AKVIS Retoucher is a software utility that can automatically restore and retouch your old photos and restore the image in the same state of smoothness and cleanliness. This software can restore color shadows, remove dust, Scratches, stains and other defects, as well as lost parts of the photo using information about the surrounding area, to repair the photo just click on the desired point then the software will place the desired location Check the speed and restore the photo automatically. Continue reading “AKVIS Retoucher 9.5.1286.17468”

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AKVIS Pastel 4.1.475.17427

AKVIS Pastel

Software Description

AKVIS Pastel is a software that turns your photos into pencil. This program converts the image into a digital art work to imitate a true artist and one of the most popular artistic techniques, the art of painting with Pastilla. Pastel is a bridge between painting and drawing. Pastel wood is a powder-based pigment that produces velvety effects with delicate edges and can be mounted on your paper with your fingers. For pastel painting, you need to have a rugged texture that keeps the pigment. One of the distinctive features of the pastel painting technique is its highly absorbent, vibrant, and rich velvet texture. Unlike oil painting and watercolor, the paste does not cover the whole surface. Continue reading “AKVIS Pastel 4.1.475.17427”

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AKVIS Neon 3.1.458.17426


Software Description

AKVIS Neon is a graphic application that lets you create effects with brilliant lines. This software converts the photo into a neon image in a way that it looks like a photo with a fluorescent ink. AKVIS Neon provides a simple and easy photo editing environment for you to produce brilliant shots and fireworks. This app does not require any special skills, and it’s very simple to work with, and has a predefined setup for you to quickly create incredible images. Continue reading “AKVIS Neon 3.1.458.17426”

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AKVIS Magnifier 9.6.1265.17433

AKVIS Magnifier

Software Description

AKVIS Magnifier is a powerful photo resizing software that will allow users to easily change their desired photos without losing their quality. Using different photo editing tools when resizing images from a normal size to greater than the original size always diminishes the image quality, and users are often unable to resize due to the problem. But the software maker Magnifier claims it will do so even without reducing quality.  Continue reading “AKVIS Magnifier 9.6.1265.17433”

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AKVIS Draw 7.1.575.17438


Software Description

AKVIS Draw lets you create hand-drawn pencils and linear artwork from your digital photos. This software is extremely easy to use, which produces realistic designs with just one click. Just insert your image into the software and apply the settings to create an artwork. AKVIS’s innovative drawing technology puts the pencil motion into imitation of real artistry. The software is equipped with pre-configured settings and parameters, and can provide a variety of Esquisse style styles to the audience. Continue reading “AKVIS Draw 7.1.575.17438”

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AKVIS ArtWork 11.1.1987.17417


Software Description

AKVIS ArtWork creates a real painting outside of the original image. With the default software settings you can create a very close-fitting picture. By changing the program settings, you can create different oil paintings. One of the program tools that is included in the software to make it more flexible and closer to the actual design is a real drawing, called Stroke Direction. This semi-automatic and ultra-smart tool is a true blessing that lets you fully control the areas where the painter’s motion is needed and create these areas as naturally as possible. Continue reading “AKVIS ArtWork 11.1.1987.17417”

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