Software Description

The incredibly powerful NetScream software is able to optimize your internet connection to a great extent and does not require a trick to speed up the Internet. By installing and running this application, the speed of sending and receiving information through your modem It’s greatly enhanced that it is able to adapt to all modem models, such as Dial-up, DSL, ADSL, Cable, and ISDN.  It should be noted that the use of this Internet software in the use of satellite Internet can also be Attention will increase the speed of your internet connection. Speeding up Internet speeds is not just an increase in speed, but the speed of uploading and downloading information as well as uploading or sending information on your computer will increase dramatically. This software is intelligent and automatically adjusts to your modem type or any communication path with the Internet and starts optimizing the connection and speeding up your connection. This software can also increase the speed of the local network connected to your computer. The software has a very simple and understandable interface and it’s fast and within seconds. Continue reading “NetScream”

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ICL-Icon Extractor 5.15

ICL-Icon Extractor

Software Description

ICL-Icon Extractor is a useful application for extracting program icons, folders, files, and more in the Windows environment, as well as searching for icons in libraries, archives and icon sets on the web. You can save it in ICO, PNG, JPG, CUR, GIF, XPM and BMP format, 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 16 Colors, 256 Colors or True Color. do. You can use ICL-Icon Extractor icons to sort icons based on the type of color, size, or other features, so you can get faster access to them. It also allows you to delete duplicate icons and archive them as ZIP. Continue reading “ICL-Icon Extractor 5.15”

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ArtIcons Pro 5.52 + Portable

ArtIcons Pro

Software Description

ArtIcons is an application that allows you to design an icon with a few simple clicks. In this software, users will be able to easily create and design these small images with the help of various tools. Users of this software will also be able to turn their icons into the program by importing their favorite images into the program and making changes with the tools in this software. Continue reading “ArtIcons Pro 5.52 + Portable”

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Aha-Soft ArtCursors 5.30

Aha-Soft ArtCursors

Software Description

With the simple and efficient environment of this software, you can create a marker in a variety of sizes in the Windows operating system. The program supports PNG and BMP image formats, and it is possible to load pre-made markers in the program and manually edit them. The graphical special tools and the power of searching for this program to find the mouse markers in the system are among the most important factors in the approach of many users to this software. Continue reading “Aha-Soft ArtCursors 5.30”

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TeoreX FolderIco 6.2.1 + Portable

TeoreX FolderIco

Software Description

One of the ways to change the face of Windows is to change the appearance and color of the icons. Teorex FolderIco is an interesting application that can easily change the icons of Windows folders. For example, you can use red for all folders that are relevant to your current project. Because of the simple way to use the program and adding the option that this software creates in the right-click of your system, you can easily do all the actions and changes in your folders in a few seconds and achieve your desired result. Continue reading “TeoreX FolderIco 6.2.1 + Portable”

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Rainmeter 4.3 Build 3298


Software Description

Although Windows 7 is beautifully considered to be the full version of Windows Vista, it does not have much to say, compared to the ideas that can be made for the beauty of an operating system interface. Rainmeter is a software that installs on your Windows and gives it a beautiful look. Just install this software and use hundreds of beautiful templates for this software. Rainmeter is a platform for desktop customization. Through Rainmeter, you can make your home computer or home desktop more beautiful by changing its layout. This app contains various tools and plugins for this task that can accommodate all your needs for customizing a desktop. The gadgets of this program are very similar to Windows gadgets or Mac dashboard widgets that can float on your desktop. Continue reading “Rainmeter 4.3 Build 3298”

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Taskbar Tweaker 5.6.2

Taskbar Tweaker

Software Description

One part of Windows that many people use to do with their work and actually depend on it is Windows Taskbar. The Taskbar Tweaker software is a compact and free tool that you can customize your Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 Taskbar and make new and useful changes including right click shift, middle mouse click, mouse hold Create icons, how to display menus and photos, and more. Continue reading “Taskbar Tweaker 5.6.2”

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Start Menu X Pro 6.32

Start Menu X Pro

Software Description

Start Menu X is a software application that replaces the Windows Start menu after installation, giving users plenty of features. The Start Menu X, which can be installed on Windows XP and 7, is fully customizable, and you can customize it both externally and in terms of features to fit your needs. The Start Menu X software with Transparency (transparency) will give you a nice look at the opening of subfolders. You can also change the icons of each branch and any application in the start menu and use your favorite emoticons. It’s worth noting that this software does not interfere with the original Windows Start menu, and whenever it is uninstall, everything goes back to its former form. Continue reading “Start Menu X Pro 6.32”

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IconLover 5.48a + Portable


Software Description

IconLover is an application that lets you edit, build, manage various icons. Icons build module in this application is a collection of capabilities required by an experienced designer. Features such as layout design, alpha-blending, a wide range of special effects, etc. This tool that you download from Softcnet helps you keep up the time. It’s easy and simple to use. The product is possible. By clicking, you can access the icon library, from various sources (collections of images, dynamic libraries, etc.) into the software icons. This application supports drag and drop functionality. With the help of this software you can do several different tasks simultaneously, plus you can convert a large collection of images with a few clicks on the mouse. With the help of this software, you can easily work on various formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, CUR and more. Finally, you can work with Unix icons. Continue reading “IconLover 5.48a + Portable”

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