Viber Free Calls & Messages


Software Description

Viber is an Android app for phones and tablets that lets you send free phone or SMS calls to your friends with Viber installed on their phones anywhere in the world. When using Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free and the sound quality is much better than regular calls (GSM). You can reach any Viber user anywhere in the world for free. All Viber features are 100% free and do not require any additional “in-app” work. Continue reading “Viber Free Calls & Messages”

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Textra SMS Pro 4.17 + Textra Emoji

Textra SMS Pro

Software Description

Textra SMS is an application for full management of SMS and multimedia messages on Android device. The app is designed to be attractive and user-friendly, and it is possible to change the layout of the app. The Textra SMS app has a floating window that will show you when you receive a new SMS. The app allows you to set the password to text messages so that you cannot enter the password to read texts. Continue reading “Textra SMS Pro 4.17 + Textra Emoji”

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Surveillance System 2.2

Surveillance System

Software Description

Surveillance System is a complete program designed to help you monitor an area using cameras installed there. Key features of this software include the ability to use unlimited cameras including IP and USB cameras, motion detection, sending alerts via SMS and MMS and email after motion detection as well as playback of audio files, recording detection The ability to save recorded video to archive or file with automatic or manual selective compression, allow scheduling for video recording, add text, allow password to access software information, and also add-ons Watermark marks the videos you recorded. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection and specify the sensitive areas to avoid false alarms. When the camera stores video frames in a dark environment, the background noise of CCD video cells may simulate a movement. So there is an option to reduce the sensitivity in these cases that you can use. Also, all diagnoses are recorded with a time and date tag. Each camera has its own check and save settings, and you can also set a timer for each camera individually on and off. Continue reading “Surveillance System 2.2”

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SSH Explorer 1.97

SSH Explorer

Software Description

Application software for server administrators who want to establish an SFTP connection to the server, or connect to the Shell server and make the desired changes. The SSH Explorer software communicates via port 22, which is the most stable and secure connection. In addition to the SSH protocol, the Admin application also supports SSH2 protocol, which is one of the cool features of this software. Continue reading “SSH Explorer 1.97”

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Sentry Vision Security 3.2

Sentry Vision Security

Software Description

Do you want to turn your webcam into an advanced CCTV? When you leave your home Would you like to see a video of your home using your mobile phone and keep up to date with what is happening? Sentry Vision is a free software that can turn your webcam into a powerful security camera. Many apps have been developed to convert your home webcam into a Network Camera so you can view current events and events using the Internet. Continue reading “Sentry Vision Security 3.2”

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Software Description

SecurityCam is a very powerful and professional application for monitoring and monitoring webcams that are connected to the system and act as a CCTV camera for you. With this application you will be able to keep track of all the movements that you are not on the system. In fact, this program acts like a security program and when you are not on the system and a certain person decides to do something, the program starts automatically and can capture or capture all of the other person’s movements. The program can even do other things, one of which is to sound an alert, which is able to escape the person who has entered the environment. Continue reading “SecurityCam”

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i-Catcher Console 5.3 Build 21

i-Catcher Console

Software Description

i-Catcher Console is a powerful webcam and CCTV camera for personal and professional use. Unique and easy-to-use features allow you to publish and manage multiple video sources on your PC. The program uses the smallest objects in its view to move and capture and store the film and photo environment. In addition to making direct video connections, the program can play back recorded video. Continue reading “i-Catcher Console 5.3 Build 21”

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Gmail 2019.08.04


Software Description

Gmail is a fast and efficient application that is a product from Google and will keep you from having any problems accessing your inbox. The Gmail app is for Gmail only, and its valuable features include logging in with multiple accounts, viewing and saving attachments, and sending emails. Gmail Go is a new version of the Gmail management app released for Android 8 version. Continue reading “Gmail 2019.08.04”

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DSL Speed 7.0

DSL Speed

Software Description

DSL Speed is an application that is used to speed up the speed of high-speed Internet or connections such as SDSL, IDSL, G.lite, ADSL, and more. If you are an ADSL Internet user and are not happy with your speed, Or you want to get more speed at no extra charge, You can use DSL Speed software. Continue reading “DSL Speed 7.0”

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