Readiris Corporate 17.2 Build 9 Win/Mac + Portable

Readiris Corporate

Software Description

Readiris is a smart application that is called OCR software and uses AI technology. Readiris software has the ability to recognize and read texts from images. For example, you have a photo of a text file and you want to save the text in the image on a text document. In the past, the only way to address this need was to type the text from the photo. But today, such software does not require this. Readiris software automatically detects text from a photo and provides it in a text document to the user. The superior features of this software can be compared to similar programs with high precision and the tools available. In this application, you can identify the type and language of the text, identify the format of the text (title, footer, paragraph, etc.) and other tools. This software has the ability to recognize texts of several different languages. Now, with Readiris software, you can convert your paper documents to the editable text documents with a scanner. This application is a product of I.R.I.S. s.a. Continue reading “Readiris Corporate 17.2 Build 9 Win/Mac + Portable”

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Okdo Document Converter Professional 5.6

Okdo Document Converter Professional

Software Description

Okdo Document Converter is software for conversion of many documents, text, pdf. This program does the conversion with high quality and high speed. How to design this program is that it does not require other software such as Adobe Acrobat to run different parts. Extract texts in PDF files, convert PowerPoint files to Word and Excel, the ability to convert each page of Word and Rtf files to a separate file, the ability to merge Excel pages, automatically adjust the size of Excel pages, use the Flash 6 format For compressing videos, converting Txt text files into multi-page ppt / tif files is a feature of this software. Continue reading “Okdo Document Converter Professional 5.6”

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Full Convert Enterprise 19.03.1537 + Portable

Full Convert Enterprise

Software Description

Full Convert Enterprise is a useful software for converting programming language programming languages together with Unicode support. Full Convert is the perfect and easy way to convert your database. Whether you need to simply copy your information or have advanced customization needs, you have selected the right software. Continue reading “Full Convert Enterprise 19.03.1537 + Portable”

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FTI FormingSuite 2019.0.0.22602.2 SP1

FTI FormingSuite

Software Description

FTI FormingSuite is the most powerful press analysis software, simulating, estimating and optimizing the cost of producing sheet metal plates, which can be used to produce all kinds of sheets used in holes and work-pieces. FTI FormingSuite has met all customer demands for improved performance and speed in simulation. It’s very easy to learn how to work with the software and simulate it, and in fact the release of this software represents a major step in FTI’s analysis capabilities. The special feature of this software is optimization and low overall cost of the material. Continue reading “FTI FormingSuite 2019.0.0.22602.2 SP1”

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Edraw Max 9.4.0 + Portable

Edraw Max

Software Description

Edraw Max is a powerful tool for drawing and designing various tables and charts with various shapes according to your needs. Draw a graphic design of LAN network design with this software. In this software you can easily create charts and tables in just a few clicks. Also in this application you can use pictures and forms related to different subjects. Graphical software is completely vector based. Using this software, you can easily create flowcharts, organizational charts, business process, charts, work flow, program structure, becke diagrams, database diagrams and many charts. Also designed by the library is a pre-designed chart and more than 5,000 marks, maps, and drawings. EDraw Max includes all EDraw product libraries and examples. Continue reading “Edraw Max 9.4.0 + Portable”

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Software Description

ETAP is an electrical engineering software designed to analyze industry leading power systems and monitoring that has been developed along with the SQL database. ETAP is the most comprehensive electrical engineering software platform for design, simulation, operation and automation (automation) of production, transmission, distribution and industrial systems. As an integrated, integrated model-driven solution, the ETAP application from modeling to exploitation has been developed to provide an uninterrupted power management system. Continue reading “ETAP”

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AVS Document Converter + Portable

AVS Document Converter

Software Description

AVS Document Converter is a great application for converting various text and document formats into one another. AVS Document Converter software supports all formats of PDF, HTML, HTM, MHT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX, TXT, TIFF, TIF. The functionality of this software can be grouped files, the ability to create passwords for protecting PDF files, the ability to display files, zoom and print documents, support for most languages ​​and compatibility with different versions of Windows. Continue reading “AVS Document Converter + Portable”

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ABBYY FineReader Corporate

ABBYY FineReader Corporate

Software Description

ABBYY FineReader is a smart and easy-to-use OCR software, a PDF converter that is an ideal replacement for manual information entry or typing. The ABBYY FineReader software is the ideal choice for professionals who want to save time and money while delivering great results. It provides powerful functionality for converting images received from a scanner, digital camera or fax, as PDF files into editable and searchable text formats. ABBYY FineReader software maintains accurate formatting and layout of documents, and supports a wide range of languages ​​to identify and format output files. Continue reading “ABBYY FineReader Corporate”

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Microsoft Visio Pro 2019 v1902 Build 11328.20158 Retail

Microsoft Visio Pro

Software Description

Microsoft Visio is a software application that is used as an advanced tool for drawing organizational charts, work activity charts, and more. Microsoft provides Vista with professional and modern templates as well as high-performance forms and objects in accordance with pre-designed global standards and helps you easily create complex organizational charts. And then easily communicate between charts and databases (like Excel). With Microsoft Visio, you can design network diagrams, administrative and organizational flowcharts, information charts, calendars, and more. Continue reading “Microsoft Visio Pro 2019 v1902 Build 11328.20158 Retail”

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Microsoft Project Pro 2019 v1902 Build 11328.20158 Retail

Microsoft Project Pro

Software Description

Microsoft Project is one of the strongest and oldest existing project control software. Project control engineers generally use Microsoft Project software as a tool for managing project time. Microsoft Project, in spite of some limitations and shortcomings (compared to similar software), is considered as a popular application in the world, especially in Iran, and it is used daily by numerous users and one of the most used software management and control projects for performing tasks such as Easy and quick access to project information, forecasting and estimating costs and budgets, choosing the right combination of resources virtualistically, estimating the time, resources and activities required, tracking progress, etc., among project managers. Continue reading “Microsoft Project Pro 2019 v1902 Build 11328.20158 Retail”

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