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WM Capture 8.10.1

Software Description WM Capture is an application for recording online video. Using the software is very simple and allows you to record any type of

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TikTok 13.1.3

Software Description TikTok is a Chinese social network that is accessible through smartphones running on both iOS and Android. The ticker app allows users to

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XMedia Recode + Portable

Software Description XMedia Recode is a very useful conversion software that supports dozens of video formats as well as specific mobile video formats. It has

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MX Player Pro 1.15.5 + Lite

Software Description MX Player is a professional and efficient player for playing video files. All image formats are supported by this player. Low battery and

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Nero 2019 Micro 20.0.2005

Software Description There is very little anyone who does not know the famous Nero software. The original nero software is full of useless and maybe

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