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Anti-Trojan Elite

Software Description

Anti-Trojan Elite is the name of software that is able to professionally and comprehensively update the database, identify all the most recent Trojans that enter the Internet and prevent their activity and the theft of information to prevent it. Brought up Some Trojans are logged on to the computer as a file system, and most antiviruses do not recognize and remove such files. Anti Trojan software can easily detect or remove these files or prevent them from working to secure your security. With this software, which can be a complement to your antivirus, you can easily stay safe against all types of malware.

Features and Features of Anti-Trojan Elite:

  •     Full hard disk support and memory scan support
  •     Protecting and performing the role of a powerful firewall against individuals and spyware and Trojans
  •     Ability to scan and check zip files like RAR, ZIP
  •     Detect system files created by malicious programs and malware
  •     The ability to fully repair Internet Explorer and registry tools in case of damage
  •     A very good update to identify all malware spyware
  •     The high-speed response of the software to run and install the software
  •     A simple and highly functional user interface with high-end features
  •     Compatibility with most versions of Windows including Windows 7 and Windows Vista

The function of this software is not only to prevent the entry and activity of malware, but it can easily detect all intrusions and hack files and prevent their activity and activity on your computer, which can play a role in your information security. To do a lot. The software also acts as a firewall or firewall on your computer, and even removes them before entering malicious programs and prevents them from running on your computer.
You might think that it might identify a file as a malware that is one of the essential files on your system, and it can disrupt your work, but you should know that this software allows you to delete the file before you can. And it also provides a backup that, in spite of inactivity, helps to retrieve mistakenly deleted files. With Trojan Remover you can keep your complete security against programs and spyware with constant updates. (soft98)

Publisher Security Defence
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Version 5.6.2 + Portable
Category Security Software
Subcategory Anti-Spyware
Operating Systems
Operating Systems Windows
Additional Requirements none
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License Model Free
Price Free

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