Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Software Description

Antivirus that is able to prevent the introduction of any malware that in various ways intends to infiltrate into the system and, if viewed, will remove it. This antivirus is among the top five anti-virus programs in the world and is the main antivirus of the Node 32 and CaspRsCa. With this software, you will not have to worry about infecting your system because you can scan all drives of your system to clear them if there are malicious factors. Also, this software, which you download from the 90th, automatically performs a scan. In fact, if an external memory, such as a flash drive, connects to the USB port, the software analyzes it and, if viewed, The malicious factors will remove them. Another point in the new version of the software is the optimal use of the system processor and RAM, which is considerably improved compared to previous versions, as most users always slow down their system after installing it. The antivirus complained that the problem was resolved to an acceptable level in this release.

Norton Antivirus features:

  • It has five layers of protection for accurate and fast detection and removing viruses and spyware
  • Ability to download and share without transfer or capture viruses
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • Avoid stealing your passwords and identity while surfing the web
  • Checking and blocking online threats
  • Identify secure files and scan unknown files
  • Bandwidth management
  • Full protection of the system against malicious intrusion
  • Able to analyze and scan hard drives for malware detection
  • Automatic cleaning of malicious elements if they are viewed
  • Having the right computer speed after installing the software
  • Prevent the penetration of viruses that enter the Internet
  • The possibility of a foreign memory virus such as flash memory
  • Ability to update software to introduce malware to it
  • Minor usage of the processor and RAM system
  • Possible to quarantine suspicious files and …

This version is without activator.
Provide and use Original License for greater security and performance.(soft98)

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