Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro 4.02

Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro

Software Description

Cyrobo Prevent Recovery is a very useful software to prevent data recovery from hard disk. You probably know that deleted files can be recovered. Anyone can do this with special software. When you delete a file from the hard drive, the file is not completely destroyed and still exists on the hard drive, it is only marked as deleted and the space occupied by that file is displayed free and you can restore your deleted data and data until a new file is overwritten on this part of the hard drive. So some deleted files may remain on your system’s hard drive, even for years. So with a bit of luck it’s technically possible to restore any file.

Characteristics of software Cyrobo Prevent Recovery:

  • Prevent the ability to recover deleted files: All deleted files will be deleted
  • permanently. Even the files that were deleted many years ago
  • Physical protection: Deleted files are destroyed on a physical level, so no recovery tool will be able to recover them
  • Military Standards: This feature has algorithms ranging from the simplest level to the most advanced one used by military organizations
  • User Interface Improvement: Extra features can be customized to suit the appearance of the app. (soft98)
General Specifications
Publisher web
CategorySecurity Software
SubcategoryPrivacy Software
Operating Systems
Operating SystemsWindows
Additional Requirements


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