Advanced Uninstaller PRO + Portable

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Software Description

Advanced Uninstaller is a professional software name for removing installed programs on the system. In this software, users are using the tools and with a few clicks to completely remove the programs that are removed by adding / removing the program, as well as all the files associated with this software on your hard drive. Shed Also, the software completely cleans the keys in the registry that the program is looking for. This software is a product of Innovative Solutions company.

Software features Advanced Uninstaller:

  • Clear the complete files and registry key related to the software
  • Ability to backup files from the list of installed software on the system and the ability to restore them
  • View the list of installed software along with assigning their icons
  • Ability to search the software list by entering keywords
  • High speed on software listings! The difference is tangible with adding / removing windows
  • View full details of installed software such as name builder, software version, path installation and …
  • The ability to store software list in specified attributes
  • Automatically remove software that is the only name in the list
  • Mark software that has been installed more recently (soft98)
General Specifications
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