Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer

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The Battery Optimizer helps you get the best out of your laptop battery in the longest possible time. Battery Optimizer extends battery life of your laptop, making it a great deal longer without the need for power and easy to use the laptop. Battery Optimizer, unlike other similar software that only manages battery consumption or how to consume, calculates the battery life and allows you to save the remaining charge time when saved. Learn about energy consumption. For example, the Battery Optimizer software tells you that shutting down Bluetooth and the wireless network is likely to affect how much battery power it consumes, as well as applications that are not specific and behind the scenes in the operating system, to what extent the processor Causing the center to power and more energy.

Battery Optimizer software features:

  • Calculate the battery charge time when using energy saving methods
  • Displays a warning message when reducing the capacity of the battery to the specified limit on your behalf
  • Optimized energy consumption with a simple click and using pre-configured settings
  • Undetectable impact on computer performance (users in many cases do not feel any speed reduction on a computer)
  • Enriched with unrivaled technology and feature to optimize battery life
  • Increase the battery life of the laptop and …

According to the creators of the program, when users lose their battery power over time, there are three choices for them:

1- Always plug the laptop and forget about using the battery
2- Buy a new battery
3- Save energy by increasing the battery life

The best option is option 3, the best tool for implementing it is the use of the powerful Battery Optimizer software. You can use this app if you are interested in choosing this option and want to spend more time without the need for power from your laptop. (soft98)

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