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An online video chat or video chat is replacing many old-fashioned simple audio conversations, and many webchat enthusiasts make video and video conversations using a simple webcam. Between them, the software company Yewsoft Inc. has provided a unique and unique application that delivers the same webcam video chat environment and adds a lot of fun to users by putting beautiful effects in addition to enjoying and appealing the environment. You can make it more unique and more attractive by adding beautiful and attractive video effects to your webcam images even if you do not really have webcam hardware!

Some interesting features of WebcamMax:

  • Compatibility with most of the world’s leading webcasting and messaging software such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Camfrog, Skype, Paltalk, Yahoo Messenger and more.
  • Ability to build a new webcam and virtualization in the absence of hardware!
  • Or increase your webcam capabilities by adding a variety of beautiful effects.
  • Convert files and videos to your webcam live images!
  • View live desktop and work content on your webcam.
  • Display different images in various formats as webcam images.
  • Insert and display different texts and effects on the webcam page.
  • Put the various beautiful effects of the software on your webcam and beautifully make those images.
  • Put emotional effects and beautiful emotions on your webcam images.
  • It has a powerful online database with more than 1500 beautiful free effects downloaded online and available from the manufacturer site …
  • Capable of storing video images sent and received by webcams!
  • Ability to capture images from incoming and outgoing webcams!
  • The ability to create a virtual webcam even if you have a real webcam and a quick switch between real and virtual webcams with a simple click!
  • Webcam sharing feature for 16 different software! (soft98)
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