PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.0.331.0 + Portable

PDF-XChange Editor Plus

Software Description

PDF-XChange Editor is a powerful software for creating PDF files. With the help of this software, users will be able to convert their text documents and photos using the tools in this software to PDF files. Other features of this software are the ability to embed fonts. You can also create encrypted PDFs so that they can not be changed after being built. Continue reading “PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.0.331.0 + Portable”

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PaperScan Professional 3.0.84 + Portable

PaperScan Professional

Software Description

PaperScan is a professional software for scanning TWAIN and WIA with an OCR engine. Using the PaperScan software, one of the most popular document scanning software in the world, you can have complete control over a variety of scanners, including network scanners, cameras, or dedicated cards with just one click. Continue reading “PaperScan Professional 3.0.84 + Portable”

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Help & Manual 7.5.0 Build 4692 + Premium Pack

Help & Manual

Software Description

Help & Manual helps you create help and documentation. All you need is at your fingertips and in a completely intuitive environment. Instead of having to spend your programming time helping your program, you can concentrate all your energy on writing documentation, and then it’s a profitable time all the time you work. All formats produced by Help & Manual software are the same project, which means you can edit your help and documentation once, and no longer worry about converting nightmares after every time you change the documented file. Help files are made in standard Windows formats. This software gives you the ability to create documentation in 106 different languages ​​of the world.
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FileRestorePlus + Portable


Software Description

FileRestorePlus is a utility for recovering deleted files from hard disks and memory cards. FileRestorePlus is a quick and effective way to restore deleted files randomly. It can also recover files that have been unloaded from the Recycle Bin or deleted with the Shift and Delete Hybrid Key. This application is compatible with FAT12 / 16/32, NTFS / NTFS5. With the help of this program, you can easily restore your documents, photos, music, movies and files to your full potential.
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EASEUS Partition Master All Editions 13.5 + WinPE Edition

EASEUS Partition Master All Editions

Software Description

EASEUS Partition Master is a powerful software for managing partitions and hard disk space. With the help of this software, which you download from Softcnet, users will be able to partition their existing hard disk drive tools and manage its space. In this software, users can change the size of their drives without causing problems for the information stored on the hard drive, and add and reduce the amount of space they want.
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Disk Pulse Enterprise 11.9.24 + Portable

Disk Pulse Enterprise

Software Description

Disk Pulse is a fast, powerful software that allows you to view and monitor one or more disks or directories, find files, modify and replace files, change file attributes, and run deletion of files in the least amount of time. . In addition, users have the option to use the advanced professional version of the product called Disk Pulse, which has the ability to handle a significant amount of files, execute common commands, save disk monitoring reports, check certain types of files, It has the ability to execute commands directly from the desktop.
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CrystalDiskInfo 8.1.0 + Portable


Software Description

CrystalDiskInfo is software for monitoring the health of your hard drive (HDD / SSD) and displaying accurate and complete information about the hard drive installed on your computer (flash, temperature, serial number, model, duration, standard interface). CrystalDiskInfo also lets you know how often your hard drive is running a few times a few hours.
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Coolutils Total PDF Converter

Coolutils Total PDF Converter

Software Description

Coolutils Total PDF Converter is a utility for converting PDF files to Word files and other document files. With this software, you can convert all types of your PDF files into Word, Excel, and so forth without any malformations and use the information contained in it in other documents. Also, if your PDF file is damaged and you can not view it completely, this software will be completely updated by rebuilding your files and converting them to Word or file information files. Continue reading “Coolutils Total PDF Converter”

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ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.00

ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.00

Software Description

ChrisPC DNS Switch is an application for effortless change of DNS and allows you to select and replace a DNS that is tailored to your needs from a set of DNSs. The ChrisPC DNS Switch app provides you with a simple but functional graphical user interface for choosing an adapter or network card. You can change your DNS with the DNS selected from the preset list or with the custom DNS. Updates are done regularly and you can keep your DNS database up to date. Continue reading “ChrisPC DNS Switch 4.00”

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Attribute Changer 9.10E

Attribute Changer

Software Description

When you create a file or folder on your computer, Windows defines attributes such as the date and time it is installed or created, which you may want to change. It can also be done by Windows itself, but as you know, doing so in Windows is a bit tedious and complex. The Attribute Changer provides you with the ability to simply change the attributes of files, such as the creation date, the last access, and the time of the last edit, and even remove them from System, Hidden, or Read Only. Additionally, you will be able to configure the software in accordance with the modifications you want to make for a large number of files or folders, and then apply those changes to an unlimited number of files or folders. Continue reading “Attribute Changer 9.10E”

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