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SolidWorks Electrical 2013 SP1 Build 4

Software Description The most popular and powerful 3D industrial design for creating geometric references, curves, creating plans by offsetting the page, creating new coordinate systems,

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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0

Software Description SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0 is the perfect solution for secure storage, management and access to project information. This software enables you to

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SolidWorks Plastics 2012 SP5 x86/x64

Software Description The SolidWorks Plastics 2012 SP5 plugin is one of SolidWorks’s finest solid software interfaces, which is capable of designing plastic molds for injection

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Web Page Maker 3.22

Software Description Web Page Maker 3.22 is a simple web page editor that allows you to create web pages without the need for HTML knowledge

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Software Description The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a collection of the finest graphical design tools developed by the famous Corel company. Perhaps the reputation of

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